How To Use Antichrist In A Sentence

  • As Abdel Aziz Sachedina has noted in his Islamic Messianism, the Antichrist motif is also present in Shi'ite chiliasm.
  • Antichrist was just art house porn? what was he trying to say all women are are evil in carnation it in there nature. Lars von Trier Has No Plans To Remake Taxi Driver | /Film
  • Peasants spoke of the arrival of the collective farm as the coming of the Antichrist where all would be branded with the mark of the devil.
  • #83 – I agree with our little Ian and you that our materialism is a great contributor to global warming, but I love it that Ian throws in the sin, immorality, Antichrist and Beast bits. Think Progress » CEI Scholar: Gore Thinks Climate Change is Caused by ‘Widespread Sin,’ a Sign of ‘the Antichrist’
  • It's harder yet to grasp its significance: the rant against the Roman Antichrist, the intolerance to all outside God's true church, the professed loyalty to the King's Majesty are now alien.
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  • Von Trier has worked with explicit sexual content before, as in his 2009 film "Antichrist," which featured unsimulated sex between lead actors Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Lars Von Trier To Release Hardcore And Softcore Versions Of Next Film, 'Nymphomaniac'
  • There is a touch of pathos in the picture of the prim, methodistical English lady, who hated the dirt and slovenliness of her husband's people, was shocked at their jovial ways and free talk, looked upon all Papists as connections of Antichrist, and hoped for the salvation of mankind through the form of religion patronised by Lady Huntington. Little Memoirs of the Nineteenth Century
  • Cerasta enim Grece cornua dicuntur serpens que hic cornutus esse, ut supra memorauimus perhibetur per quem digne aduentus antichristi assertur, quia contra uitam fidelium cum morsu pestifere predicationis armabitur et iam carnibus potestatis. Archive 2008-06-01
  • Non solum enim coluber antichristus set etiam cerastes uocatur. Archive 2008-06-01
  • There is yet another thing that the spirit of Antichrist is immediately concerned in; and that is, the antichristian names of the men that worship the beast: the names, I mean, that the Works of John Bunyan — Volume 02
  • To prolifers, abortion was a sign of national inhumanity and increasing antichristian barbarism. Chip Berlet: Abortion, Apocalypse, and "Killing for Life"
  • Nebuchadnezzar, a Bourbon, a Tudor, or a Stuart -- to be influenced by the spirit which animated Daniel, the three Hebrew youths, and the martyrs, brought down denunciations upon them, and they were called antichristian: but alas! the sincere disciples of Jesus have ever known and FELT who and what is Antichrist. Works of John Bunyan — Volume 02
  • The wingnuts shriek "ACORN" the way half-mad street-corner radicals used to rail against "Rockefeller," or the way anti-Semites invoke "Goldberg" or "Hymie" -- but that's understandable, because it keeps the subject simple and the Antichrist obvious, which is the way angry right-wingers like their politics. No More Mister Nice Blog
  • But now, for no reason, I am the fucking worst, most despicable Antichrist of comedy.
  • And as that happens, the militant antichristian bigots will further use the cry that anything involving government funding must be purged of the evil of Christianity. The Volokh Conspiracy » Christian Group Complains About Statue of Indian Elephant God at the Calgary Zoo: 
  • With knowledge of these moduli fields, and their quanta of excitation, the angelons and de-mons, it will be possible for the Dawkinati to open up the 6 hidden dimensions temporarily, allowing the Christ to collide with the AntiChrist! Archive 2009-05-01
  • He predicted that the martyrs crying out under the fifth seal would be joined by those "martyred and slaine for the truth ... under the great Antichrist of Rome, and the bloudy Turke, at and upon the opening of the seventh seal. Luther and English Apocalypticism: The Role of Luther in Three Seventeenth-Century Commentaries on the Book of Revelation
  • It's okay though: she passed "what he called the vetting process," survived their second date (a pool party in Larchmont, which sounds only marginally better than my Antichrist idea) and converted to Judaism. Gawker
  • Reformation Eschatology (2/2), REFORMATION BOOKSHELF CD (Volume 14 of 30), Historicism, the Papacy is the Antichrist, Islam in Revelation, Preterism (Jesuitism) and Futurism (Jesuitism) Refuted, etc. OpEdNews - Diary: The Revealing of the Beast of the Earth: Dabbat al-Ard
  • If I could be scared out of them, let me add in all good humour, by such easily-impressed words as "antichristian" or The Letters of Charles Dickens Vol. 1 (of 3), 1833-1856
  • In 1570 was published "The Popish Kingdome, or, Reigne of Antichrist, written in Latin Verse by Thomas Naogeorgus (Kirchmayer) and englished by Barnabe Googe," and in it we have some curious Christmas customs and folk-lore. A Righte Merrie Christmasse The Story of Christ-Tide
  • Apostles 'time, many Antichrists and heretics' were abroad, many sprung up since, many now present, and will be to the world's end, to dementate men's minds, to seduce and captivate their souls. Anatomy of Melancholy
  • Colubri enim et cerasti nomine diabolus uel antichristus significatur ut est illud quod Iacob patriarcha de Dan filio sua prophetauit dicens: Fiat Dan coluber in uia et cerastes in semita mordet ungulas equi et cadet ascensat eius retro. Archive 2008-06-01
  • The Humanitarians who followed the religious deception of the Antichrist and the tiny flock of the Catholic Church, led by the Vicar of Christ. Archive 2009-03-08
  • ANTICHRIST is the adversary of Christ; an adversary really, a friend pretendedly. The Riches of Bunyan
  • Antichrist assumes in mimicry the universal power really belonging to Christ. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
  • John in what he terms antichristian; but, obviously, only such as do not admit a recognition of Jesus as the Christ in the true sense, — only such as involve a denial of this, though they may not directly avow it. The Scriptural Expositions of Dr. Augustus Neander: III. The First Epistle of John, Practically Explained.
  • He used the Golden Legend, Huon de Meri's allegorical poem of the fight between Jesus and the Antichrist, Peter Comestor's Bible History, Rustebeuf's La Voie de Paradis, Grosseteste's religious allegory of Le Chastel d 'Amour, the paraded learning of Vincent of Beauvais in Speculum Historiale, and other works -- numerous and small signs of booklore, which are completely overshadowed by his illuminating comprehension of the popular side in the politics of his day. Old English Libraries; The Making, Collection and Use of Books During the Middle Ages
  • Cranach's woodcut known as Passional Christi und Antichristi is an illustration for Philipp Melanchthon's 1521 prayer book.
  • • Life with the Antichrist: The wife of a controversial Miami-based preacher is divorcing him but staying married to his teachings. More trouble for fiery ‘Antichrist’ preacher
  • Patriots frequently described their troops as Christian soldiers battling “all the powers of Hell,” “the prince of darkness,” “the serpent,” “the dragon,” and “the antichristian beast.” The Chosen Peoples
  • I agree about Antichrist... would think he'd like it but you never know with a list like this. haku lens flares! lens flares = yuck zebrat yummy yummy rainbow flavored lens flares. Quentin Tarantino’s Top 8 Movies of 2009 | /Film
  • Although often screaming at the readers through his various masks (such as the rebel, the Antichrist, the misogynist, the madman), he also spoke softly.
  • I have come across several sources noting that Lucas Cranach, the Elder was responsible for the woodcuts in the Passional Christi und Antichristi.
  • Antichrist, the summing up and concentration of all the world evil that preceded, is the eighth, but yet one of the seven (Re 17: 11). crowns -- Greek, "diadems." name of blasphemy -- So C, Coptic, and Andreas. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
  • Spirit speaks there of the reign of the Antichrist, whom he describes as raging so furiously as to crush what he can, and, at all events, to bend what he cannot crush, so that afterward he may suppress with all his strength what has been bent. Commentary on Genesis, Vol. II Luther on Sin and the Flood
  • Hal Lindsey, John Walvoord and many other premillenarian futurists affirm that the prophecies of the Antichrist and the Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]
  • Eventually Satan himself will "indwell" the Antichrist, and will lead the forces of Evil against the forces of Good, led by the descended Christ, in the final confrontation at the Battles of Armageddon. Ellis Weiner: Rapture And Rand: Peas In A Pod
  • Antichrist obama has another notch in controlling your life as the black dictator. White House lauds Senate Democrats' health care deal
  • Joel's prophecy that the valley of Jehoshaphat is to be the scene of the overthrow of the Antichristian foes. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
  • There is a touch of pathos in the picture of the prim, methodistical English lady, who hated the dirt and slovenliness of her husband's people, was shocked at their jovial ways and free talk, looked upon all Papists as connections of Antichrist, and hoped for the salvation of mankind through the form of religion patronised by Little Memoirs of the Nineteenth Century
  • Since Huckabee's campaign ended, Jerry Jenkins has been seen discussing whether Barack Obama is the Antichrist or merely a pre-cursor to the Antichrist; Star Parker has been heard declaring that public schools are "cesspools" designed to indoctrinate students with Blueollie
  • Hal Lindsey, John Walvoord and many other premillenarian futurists affirm that the prophecies of the Antichrist and the Abomination of Desolation are futuristic, based upon the many citings found in Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]
  • Dreadful and unsearchable is the judgment of God, that persons should be given over to an antichristian spirit, and to such darkness and delusion as to set themselves against the Son of God and all the testimony that the Father hath given to the Son! Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume VI (Acts to Revelation)
  • Maybe just maybe he could be inoculating himself against future accusations of being "antichristian or antifamily". Obama On Rick Warren Pick: We Have To Be Able To Agree To Disagree

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