How To Use Anthropomorphism In A Sentence

  • Such intimacy with the apes has brought criticisms of subjectivity and anthropomorphism-a scientific sin.
  • On the brilliant ‘Animal Kingdom’, he engages in a bit of anthropomorphism, drawing parallels between the laws of the jungle and the code of the streets.
  • Why do we say never to indulge in anthropomorphism? You can buy a printer, but can you buy a clue?
  • First of all, they abandoned the personification found in the mythologies and theogonies that preceded them, and the anthropomorphism that accompanies this.
  • The text offered a curious blend of scientific background and moralistic anthropomorphism.
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  • The equation of human and animal morality is, of course, anthropomorphism gone mad.
  • The third section of the book deals with the important concept of anthropomorphism and how Scripture itself is to be handled.
  • What is this anthropomorphism, and why do I see this landscape as male?
  • But Christianity, in its anthropomorphism, which is its strongest hold on faith and trust, insures for the individual man in a De Amicitia, Scipio's Dream
  • These shifts have helped create what experts say is one of the most prominent attitudinal drivers of pet industry growth: the increasing anthropomorphism, or humanization, of pets by their owners.
  • The other basic hermeneutical aspect that he fails to understand is anthropomorphism and anthropopathism, whereby God represents Himself as having human emotions or various physical characteristics by analogy, so He could be understood. Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
  • He knew well enough the hazard of excessive anthropomorphism.
  • The secret to the charm of her anthropomorphism is the precision of her knowledge of the responses of the creature in movement and emotion. Archive 2008-10-01
  • And so it seems to me that science not only purifies the religious impulse of the dross of its anthropomorphism but also contributes to a religious spiritualization of our understanding of life.
  • It does not refer to naive anthropomorphism, to childish notions of a kind of finite Person resident somewhere.
  • However, for God to address humans this way is anthropomorphism, for God accommodates human communication, and when we speak to one another this way, we do it without duplicity.
  • The books 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Peter Rabbit' and 'Winnie-the-Pooh' are classic examples of anthropomorphism.
  • Surely this is a case of anthropomorphism at its most absurd.
  • Such concepts are unworthy of educated people and refer to anthropomorphism which has been misunderstood.
  • What is the force or validity of Cleanthes claim that without anthropomorphism, the worship of deity is atheism?
  • Throughout the history of theology, anthropomorphism and anthropopathy have been closely tied, and theologians have been aware that to entertain passibility seriously is to grant latitude to the idea of a corporeal God that carries far more radical and serious implications.
  • Never mind all the infantile anthropomorphism about how animals feel that will be bleated at this week's hearings.
  • As De Man's essay calls our attention to the fact that "anthropomorphism is not just a trope but an identification at the level of substance" (241), it acts out an intensified wariness. Double-Take. Reading De Man and Derrida Writing on Tropes.
  • It does not refer to naive anthropomorphism, to childish notions of a kind of finite Person resident somewhere.
  • I guess anthropomorphism has always been an element in ancient religions.
  • On a related note, the concept and practice of anthropomorphism is not adequate to the task.
  • But "anthropomorphism" is not just a trope but an identification on the level of substance. Double-Take. Reading De Man and Derrida Writing on Tropes.
  • And third, does not anthropomorphism require the transposition of human qualities onto an inanimate object?
  • Native Americans also felt a special kinship with bears because of many shared morphological and behavioral characteristics, which lent the bears more readily to anthropomorphism than other animals.
  • Their religion, which exhibits features of animism, animalism, anthropomorphism, nature-worship, fetishism, ancestor-worship is under the control, guidance and supervision of the village.
  • And Hall, usually so merry, could outfoot them all when he once got started on the cosmic pathos of religion and the gibbering anthropomorphisms of those who loved not to die. CHAPTER IX
  • One can validly juxtapose here De Man's conclusion about the occurrence of the word anthropomorphism in Nietzsche's list: "The apparent enumeration is in fact a foreclosure" (241). Double-Take. Reading De Man and Derrida Writing on Tropes.
  • His anthropomorphism continues as he elegantly notes the ‘retro quality of the sexual politics’ of the breeding industry that makes the males the valuable ones.
  • His political conclusion repudiates the crude nationalism, a form of anthropomorphism when all is said and done, which projects upon regional botany its vainglorious xenophobia.
  • Are not the reasons on account of which the so-called anthropomorphism is to be rejected, often The Theories of Darwin and Their Relation to Philosophy, Religion, and Morality
  • We can safely view the bacterium for what it is, a small biochemical machine, without having to steer the usual narrow passage between the twin perils of anthropomorphism and reductionism.
  • These works employ anthropomorphism of the most subtle sort, which some viewers might miss and others may register only subliminally.
  • The anthropomorphism of animals moves the two closer together, humanizing the animals and/or animalizing the humans.
  • Lauren Child's spiky, sophisticated artwork offers an edgy alternative to the cosy anthropomorphism with which publishers tend to pad their lists.
  • Unless you are a genuine pagan idolator, isn't thanking the mountain and the animal just sentimental anthropomorphism? The Ritual: After Death, Before Venison
  • He did go for the jugular, exaggerating facial features and specializing in a kind of reverse anthropomorphism: he turned men into beasts.
  • It wasn't particularly good science, but an exercise in anthropomorphism, giving snails an eroticism, for example, that one might never have anticipated.
  • And our affection for animals, uninformed by experience of them, distorts our perceptions and inclines us toward anthropomorphism.
  • One can validly juxtapose here De Man's conclusion about the occurrence of the word anthropomorphism in Nietzsche's list: "The apparent enumeration is in fact a foreclosure" (241). Double-Take. Reading De Man and Derrida Writing on Tropes.
  • The charge of anthropomorphism is so threatening to some white coats that, like unreconstructed Cartesians (or the current administration), they have to ignore all relevant facts to stay on course. Zoologically Correct
  • The idea that other animals experience similar emotions to us is not anthropomorphism: it is based on sound scientific evidence.
  • The failure of even the most stringently iconoclastic monotheists is that while they reject the animal heads, the horns and the hooves of theriomorphic deities they nevertheless maintain the absurd anthropomorphism of not just humanity but masculinity. Archive 2007-04-01
  • Clearly the terms ‘repent’ or ‘was sorry’ or ‘regretted’ are examples of what is called either anthropopathy or anthropomorphism.
  • In the progress of the species from savagery to advanced civilization, anthropomorphism grows into theology, while physicism (if I may so call it) develops into science; but the development of the two is contemporaneous, not successive. Lay Sermons, Addresses and Reviews
  • [Margins, 243, his emphasis]), because this sun-sower is functioning as something like a proper name and an anthropomorphism: as the blinding, impossible site of the positing of trope. Introduction

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