How To Use Anthropical In A Sentence

  • Mr Codlin indeed required no such persuasion, as he had already eaten as much as he could possibly carry and was now moistening his clay with strong ale, whereof he took deep draughts with a silent relish and invited nobody to partake — thus again strongly indicating his misanthropical turn of mind. The Old Curiosity Shop
  • What features were seen were stern and misanthropical.
  • In 1957, Orson Welles finished filming his last American film, a lurid and misanthropical thriller, Touch of Evil.
  • Louis-Napoleon; he took seriously the socialist writings of the prisoner of Ham, and his "philanthropical" and "republican" programmes: on the 10th of December there were many such honest dupes; they are now the most indignant. Napoleon the Little
  • With him, we may fear, it was a source of misanthropical bitterness, poisoning all the springs of happiness.
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  • Sands his sugar and brown-papers his teas philanthropically, for the good of the public, and denounces men who put in Old Squareface and whisky-pegs, as he fuddles himself with his loquat brandy after shop-hours in the sitting-room back of the store. The Dop Doctor
  • The sentiments he has expressed in a note termed cynical, as well as the misanthropical expressions to be found in his first poems, _are not at all his natural sentiments_. Lord Byron jugé par les témoins de sa vie. English
  • Could I be misanthropical when I saw such fidelity, and dignity, andsimplicity? Nokia announces NFC handset for Q107
  • Yet this luxury of self-love was checked by a misanthropical spitefulness, resulting from the terrible wound she had received, — although by this time she was beginning to think of that wound as a disappointment only. Modeste Mignon
  • These are generally old fellows with white heads and red faces, addicted to port wine and Hessian boots, who from some cause, real or imaginary — generally the former, the excellent reason being that they are rich, and their relations poor — grow suspicious of everybody, and do the misanthropical in chambers, taking great delight in thinking themselves unhappy, and making everybody they come near, miserable. Sketches by Boz
  • Even the grim features of Cristal Nixon relaxed when he attended on her, and it was then, if ever, that his misanthropical visage expressed some sympathy with the rest of humanity. Redgauntlet
  • It had coasted along for nearly thirty years as an upmarket, vaguely philanthropical, increasingly ailing travel monthly, kept afloat recently by advertisements for Oriental holidays and luxury cruises. PEARL BUCK IN CHINA
  • American Jews are well-known for our proclivities for philanthropical activities. Matthew Yglesias » Monday Bagel Blogging
  • Industrialized condos for sale florida, diverging topical, superpatriotic she was anthropical from a superscript mineralogy, the harpo she pericardiac and was piratically at neuroplasty the allegedly day with no covetously bloomer. Rational Review
  • What makes this particularly sickening is the amount of money Juilliard needs to continue the program as it has been for some 20 years: $400,000, which is chump change in the philanthropical world. For Want of a Nail
  • In addition, he has many commitments to philanthropical and other organizations, many of which are overseas. Obama Memo: "No Support For Claim That Clinton Has Passed `Commander-In-Chief Test'"
  • What features were seen were stern and misanthropical. The Talisman
  • Martin, the hero, is the grandson of old Martin Chuzzlewit, a wealthy gentleman made misanthropical by the greed of his family.
  • Today, Felix Dennis is also to be found: writing (and performing) his rave-reviewed poetry; and philanthropically planting a 1,300-acre (and growing) forest of substantial native broadleaf trees in Warwickshire, in the middle of England. Colin Morrison: Is This the World's Most Successful Magazine?
  • ‘Dear, dear,’ said Miss Price, quite moved by this avowal of misanthropical sentiments. Nicholas Nickleby
  • Heracles there appears a philanthropical as well as an ascetic theme, a hedonistic attraction towards a sim - pler, more natural way of life as a reaction against artificiality and excessive civilization. CYNICISM
  • Bruce Wayne could do more to help Gotham if he stopped wasting time in the Batman suit and focused on deploying his business and philanthropical assets more effectively. Matthew Yglesias » Getting To “Yes”
  • He is a dark, strange-looking man -- strong and large -- of the brigand stamp, with fine eyes and lowering brows -- blunt and sarcastic in his manners, with a kind of misanthropical frankness, which seems based upon utter contempt for his fellow-creatures and a surly truthfulness which is more rudeness than honesty. Famous Reviews
  • If a common man were to dare to be as moody, as contemptuous, and as misanthropical, the world would laugh at him.
  • I'll tell you what bothers me is someday there's gonna be some legitimate Burkina Faso-an entrepreneur who's simply in need of a small cash infusion to start-up a philanthropical venture, but jerks like Mr. Kajome are going to cause him to not be taken seriously. The Irrelevancy of Time: Bicycle Products Don't Spoil
  • But how can a woman who opens up a school for girls in Africa, tries her luck at a vegan diet, and even launched a (failed) philanthropical reality TV show, flaunt the benefits of owning a private jet? Ariston Anderson: Oprah "Community Organizes" for Capitalism
  • ‘There are at least some well – disposed men in the world,’ ruminated the misanthropical Dumps, as he proceeded towards his destination. Sketches by Boz
  • The whole equipment was that of a rude warrior, negligent of his exterior even to misanthropical sullenness; and the short, harsh, haughty tone, which he used towards his attendants, belonged to the same unpolished character. The Abbot
  • a philanthropical institution, or an educational enterprise, or a network of agencies and "instrumentalities" to bring to bear on society at large certain ameliorating influences or benignant reforms. The Old Roman World, : the Grandeur and Failure of Its Civilization.

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