1. responsibility to someone or for some activity
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How To Use answerableness In A Sentence

  • Now, I understand not hereby those doctrinal reproofs when, in the dispensation of that word of grace and truth which is "profitable for correction and reproof," 2 Tim.iii. 16, they speak, and exhort, and "rebuke" the sins of men "with all authority," Tit.ii. 15; but the occasional application of the word unto individual persons, upon their unanswerableness in any thing unto the truth wherein they have been instructed. The Sermons of John Owen
  • But I recommend this to you, — that if this be a truth, and we are convinced it is our duty to labour to affect our hearts with a sense of the unanswerableness of our souls, and the frame of our minds unto the will of God and the holiness of Christ, who is coming to visit his churches, — “What manner of persons ought we to be?” Several Practical Cases of Conscience Resolved
  • So they can escape the righteousness of God, which they have provoked, they regard not their unanswerableness unto his holiness, whereby they are polluted. Pneumatologia
  • If God chargeth his very angels with folly, that is, an unanswerableness unto his infinite holiness and wisdom, -- what can poor mortal men expect, that dwell in houses of clay, that are crushed before the moth? The Sermons of John Owen
  • To be of such authority that your verdict on every subject under heaven is absolute and final is without doubt to be in a proud position, but, like all proud positions, it bristles with pitfalls and drawbacks to the weak-kneed; and most of my conversations with the babies end in a sudden change of subject made necessary by the tendency of their remarks and the unanswerableness of their arguments. The Solitary Summer
  • Ikey recognized the unanswerableness of the argument. Apron-Strings
  • But yet, notwithstanding all this, Solomon himself, in his prayer at the dedication of that house, 1 Kings viii. 27, seems to intimate that there was some check upon his spirit, considering the unanswerableness of the house to the great majesty of God. The Sermons of John Owen
  • The unanswerableness of Mr. Ryan's words, and the implacable certainty which forced itself into every heart, that he spoke but the truth, did not, however, make the company less inclined to oppose the utilitarian view he took of the tragedy. Muslin
  • To manifest the inconsistency of such a procedure, and the unanswerableness of it to the infinite wisdom of God (though the Scriptures expressly deliver it in innumerable places, as hath been shown), is that which by Mr Goodwin is in this discourse attempted. The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed
  • To free us from this miscarriage also, this unanswerableness unto the mind of God in his present dispensation, we may consider, -- The Sermons of John Owen
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