How To Use Anomic In A Sentence

  • These have much in common; they are guides to effective living in our chaotic, anomic society. Jerry Leichtling: Toward A Purpose Driven Party
  • But when they are compared with their U.S. peers, they seem both pretty conservative and pretty liberal as opposed to anomic, alienated, violent, and excluded.
  • anomic loners musing over their fate
  • It provides us with a common bond and mitigates against the anomic impulse in society. On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...
  • There is no sense in advocating a totally unregulated market, nor is there any sense in continuing trickle down Reaganomics. Think Progress » Kansas Attorney General Refuses To Sue Federal Government Over Health Care Reform
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  • And the premise of such a debate is the dangers of individualism and self-interest as pathways to anomic and destructive ‘lifestyle’ choices.
  • But Reaganomics introduced the idea that virtually any tax cut would so stimulate growth that the government would end up taking in more revenue in the end (the so-called Laffer curve).
  • As a convinced Bible-believing Christian I have no problem with recognising that everyone is inherently religious and that without some overarching world-view would slump into what sociologist, Peter Berger calls 'anomic collapse'. On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...
  • I know it's a fashion thing and as a sociologist I could go on all day about anomic youth and the intrinsic power of youth sub cultures, inclusion, exclusion and the influence and glamour of rap music but that's boring.
  • Supply-side 'Reaganomics' has been chiseled into a sacred precept, while the unmistakable role of deregulation in precipitating our recent financial crisis has been inhumed by the conservative discourse alongside amnesty, the Brady Bill, and disarmament. Daniel Cluchey: Searching for Ronald Reagan
  • But when mega developers began transforming Jersey City's post-industrial waterfront into a real estate "Gold Coast" in the '80s, area pols turned anomic. Jersey City Dreaming: Bullets, Bribes, and Unreal Real Estate
  • Yes, this is a Herculean task given that following independence and the growing exposure of the Namibian economy to global competition, the country drifted into a somewhat anomic situation, which could not be remedied yet.
  • What does interest me is the question of feeling "atomised" and being adrift in "anomic campuses. Savitri Erans are more existentially authentic as opposed to the SCIY alarmists
  • Suddenly, he was appealing not only to environmentalist Greens and anomic "disaffecteds" -- two groups that helped him score upsets in Maine and Colorado -- but to a broad swatch of America. The Method In His Madness
  • By then, as a writer of a later generation, David Foster Wallace, remarked, the “brave new individualism and sexual freedom of the 1960s devolved into anomic self-indulgence” for the so-called Me generation of the 1970s. Raymond Carver
  • What it says is that with significant but bearable cost, in terms of sluggish growth and a kind of profitless quasi-prosperity for a couple of years, we can work out of this unique animal that Reaganomics produced in the early 1980s. The United States: Economic Outlook
  • And rather than the anomic feeling that comes from never talking to your neighbours, there's a constant bustle of visitors through the door.
  • But what if you could reduce the sense of isolation of millions of old people, provide an army of helpers in schools and hospitals and above all teach our anomic young people that they are part of something big and rather miraculous called British society? Archive 2009-03-01
  • In recounting his teenage travails as a Boston schoolboy growing up with a "dollop" of Catholic guilt and a full spectrum of FM stations, Sheffield navigates Reaganomics, Boy George, and Rambo with wit, self-deprecation, and not an ounce of trepidation. Kristi York Wooten: A Girl Talks to Rob Sheffield about Duran Duran (and His New Book)

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