1. New World chameleons
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How To Use Anolis In A Sentence

  • Of these, five are anoles (Anolis oculatus, A. roquet, A. luciae, A. trinitatis, A. griseus), three are eleuths (Eleutherodactylus shrevei, E. martinicensis, E. euphronides), two are snakes (Typhlops tasymicris) (Bothrops carribaeus) and one is a gecko (Sphaerodactylus microlepis). Windward Islands moist forests
  • Anolis carolinensis, green anole, by Al Denelsbeck — Not endangered or even threatened at this point, they nevertheless are getting crowded out in Florida by the introduced and more aggressive brown anole. Photography contest: Finalists, General Category - The Panda's Thumb
  • News at Eleven: "The fire actually saved it, as the papyrus would have been rotted away by damp if not burned," Greek papyrologist expert George Karamanolis said. Archive 2006-06-01
  • Eleven island-endemic reptile species occur: Anolis oculatus, A. roquet, A. luciae, A. trinitatis, A. griseus, Eleutherodactylus shrevei, E. martinicensis, E. euphronides, Typhlops tasymicris, Bothrops carribaeus and Sphaerodactylus microlepis. Windward Islands dry forests
  • Common NameSpeciesLocation Dominica AnoleAnolis oculatus Martinique AnoleAnolis roquet St. Lucia AnoleAnolis luciae St. Vincent Bush AnoleAnolis trinitatis St. Vincent Tree AnoleAnolis griseus St. Lucia Pygmy GeckoSphaerodactylus microlepis St. Vincent EleuthEleutherodactylus shrevei Grenada EleuthEleutherodactylus euphronides Martinique EleuthEleutherodactylus martinicensis Grenada BlindsnakeTyphlops tasymicris Fer De LanceBothrops caribbaeusSt. Windward Islands moist forests
  • We'd sit in cafes and bakeries and fine Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Little Italy, eating canolis and margarita pizza (cheese and olive oil,) and gelato.
  • The Greek archaeologist Manolis Korres has been working on the Acropolis for 25 years, devising diagrams in accordance with the precisions made by the architects of the Parthenon, Ietinus and Callicrates.
  • Today, the islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and Puerto Rico - collectively known as the Greater Antilles - are home to more than 100 Anolis species, ranging from lanky lizards that perch in bushes, to stocky, long-legged lizards that live on tree trunks, to foot-long 'giants' that roam the upper branches of trees. - latest science and technology news stories
  • Because of its beauty and its association with Delphine, I would suggest that the pianolist begin with this larghetto. The Pianolist A Guide for Pianola Players
  • The present understanding of Anolis chromatophore control suggests that losers have either exhausted EPI needed to change the ratio of alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptor stimulation or that MSH may prevail.
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