1. small arboreal tropical American insectivorous lizards with the ability to change skin color
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How To Use anole In A Sentence

  • Notable are horned screamer Anhima cornuta, Orinoco goose Neochen jubata, harpy eagle, black and white hawk-eagle Spizastur melanoleucusCrax globulosa (VU). and wattled curassow Central Amazonian Conservation Complex, Brazil
  • The case is a rare example of an organoleptic judicial decision one related to perception by the sensory organs.
  • I certainly enjoyed the organoleptic experience and the resultant effects on my well-being, but it was not something which I totally yearned for a repeat experience of, so there is no way that I feel that I could become an addict.
  • Anole splenocytes were phagocytically active and produced copious amounts of nitric oxide following exposure to fluorescein labeled E. coli bioparticles.
  • Interestingly, one of the sequences (uc467) is found in the reptile, Carolina anole. 2008 September - Telic Thoughts
  • This behavioral response should force brown anoles to evolve shorter, more nimble limbs in order to survive on the small branches, he said.
  • Green anoles are often called American chameleons because of their ability to change color from bright green to brown to grey.
  • The relatively large postcanine root surface areas, which are most similar to A. melanoleuca, suggest that the dentition of G. blacki was adapted to sustaining relatively large occlusal forces needed to fracture mechanically resistant foods such as bamboo. Archive 2009-02-01
  • Several lines of evidence suggest that twig anoles rely more on stealth than speed to capture prey and evade predators.
  • Check out your local pet shop and look into anoles, chameleons, and skinks, among many others.
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