How To Use Anointment In A Sentence

  • South Korean spies yesterday said the communist state's most powerful institutions had sworn loyalty to Jong-woon, suggesting that the formal anointment process had begun.
  • When the country introduced the constitution of 1849 and thus became a constitutional monarchy, anointment was also abandoned.
  • The anointment of n|om takes place inside the Creator. The Bushman Way of Tracking God
  • But her anointment by Mr. da Silva, who has steered Brazil through one of its greatest periods of prosperity, automatically made her a contender.
  • John McCain's campaign has asked a Hollywood agent to sprinkle some glitter over his anointment.
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  • Which doesn't mean that there won't be grilling and goadings as Lord Patten proceeds to anointment. Lord Patten's role could be to take the BBC into Europe
  • In western as in eastern Christendom coronation was a religious rite which began with the anointment of the ruler with holy oil.
  • Our president was not a bad choice, but maybe, just maybe, his anointment was a tad premature. Vail Daily - Top Stories
  • Even if one has no particular fondness for JET, he may have fondness for other institutions whose anointment derives from the same structure as JET's. Truth in Advertising: Does the Journal of Economic Theory Contain Economics or Theory?, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • He wasn't alone in being unsure exactly what it was supposed to mean, but it was clearly an anointment for the future.
  • Today, praise God, America is not facing an individual or group or a faction," he said upon his anointment as al Qaeda's leader. Sizing Up bin Laden's Successor
  • In western as in eastern Christendom coronation was a religious rite which began with the anointment of the ruler with holy oil.
  • Scripted, sanitized and stripped of the unexpected by early anointment of presidential and vice-presidential nominees, they offer as few clashes of policies and personalities as possible.
  • For a player of his gifts, the shock of the anointment is more easily absorbed than it would be for, say, Ben Curtis, the unknown rookie who raised the Claret Jug here in 2003. Rory McIlroy prepares for Open pressure cooker with stroll in the sun
  • After rumours of the younger Kim's anointment began circulating last year, Ueli Studer, the town's director of education, would only confirm that a "North Korean youth" had been on the school's rolls.
  • A year ago I was asked my opinion on the anointment of Xi Jinping as vice president and leader of the "party of princelings," as the new generation of Chinese Communist Party leaders is derisively called by some in China. China's Party of Princelings
  • Hundreds and thousands of people line up for him to do anointment.
  • These vases contained a variety of balsamic and oleaceous compositions for the anointment, which, when ultimately performed, prepared the bathers for the _sph√¶risterium_, in which various amusements and exercises were enjoyed. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 20, No. 579, December 8, 1832
  • That it is a divine right communicated by priestly anointment, attended by public ceremonies, imposing in appearance, and "_ad captandum, _" for the public eye. Mysticism and its Results Being an Inquiry into the Uses and Abuses of Secrecy
  • Contrast that to McIlroy's situation: the 21-year-old prodigy, awaiting his anointment as golf's great hope, was forced to sleep on the pressure of a big overnight lead. So Good, Even the Golfers Want a Replay
  • Jong-un's status as heir was never officially confirmed, however, and it could be years before the regime comments on the most recent reports of his anointment.

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