How To Use Annunciate In A Sentence

  • Listening to the general secretary annunciate his list, emphasizing its clarity and unloveliness, I thought of Wis awa Szymborska, in particular the opening of "The End and The Beginning": Two Paths for the Novel
  • Just because Corn says he shares our beliefs, I hold to another set of beliefs, first annunciated by James Carville, that ‘I don't work for racists’.
  • They were surprised I could annunciate with a large rubber dam in my mouth. More Densitry
  • The footage comes from the Disney Channel where kids are taught to annunciate clearly while shouting at the... Filmstalker: January 2007 Archives
  • People court can stick an annunciate subpoena the accused.
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  • Next, why the nation's largest union is vehemently opposed to private accounts and Social Security reform, as annunciated so far by President Bush.
  • I live in a part of the country where we don't annunciate clearly. I've caught this viral video and must convey it to you.
  • Counterinsurgency policy, as annunciated by General Petreaus, is to have a reliable local partner, which we do not have," Will continued. Arianna And George Will Agree On Afghanistan, On ABC's 'This Week' (VIDEO)
  • It is utterly ridiculous for John Kerry to say we can stay in Iraq for years, a position hardly different than the anti-war Howard Dean often annunciated.
  • Some 20 years later, in a famous aphorism Omnis cellula e cellula, Rudolf Virchow annunciated that all cells arise only from pre-existing cells.
  • The footage comes from the Disney Channel where kids are taught to annunciate clearly while shouting at the TV. Filmstalker: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End footage online
  • I think “over-annunciated” actually fits the way she read it quite well. Matthew Yglesias » Inauguration Thread
  • The Blair grouping believes in liberalisation, in free competition (as annunciated by the EU Services Directive) and is opening up to the rest of the world.
  • I didn†™ t realize I had to annunciate that the chemicals themselves are not WMDs, in order for you to understand what we are talking about. Think Progress » Defense Department Disavows Santorum’s WMD Claims
  • George Bush developed a policy, he annunciated it in a magnificent speech 10 days after 9 / 11, and then he went into a war in Afghanistan that everybody thought was going to be impossible.
  • The second theme is going to have to be annunciated by George Bush as he will continue the prosperity we've enjoyed for these last years.
  • Allegedly, annunciate is stuck tide is like reputably after going out, get the affirmation of star association.
  • I found it fascinating that Robert Rubin annunciated a similar philosophy in his recent book: Policymaking should weigh a potentially high-risk outcome heavily, even if a negative outcome is a relatively low probability.
  • Instead, Huizenga said, the Justice outlined his own, already well-annunciated views on the Constitution. Scalia Tells Conservatives Lawmakers Need To Get Familiar With Federalist Papers
  • The big news, though, was bass Vitalij Kowaljow whose Fiesco was not only audible but beautifully annunciated and consistent throughout. Everybody loves Simon
  • “Libby,” she over annunciated the name like she was speaking to a child. Vince Flynn Collectors’ Edition #2
  • Now, I've never taught anyone to speak a foreign language, but I think if I had, I would have tried to annunciate my words in order to better aid my student with his or her pronunciation. Idioma Idiota, Or ... I Was A Spanish School Dropout
  • Internet bar doorway is sticking a piece of marked annunciate : This Internet bar is about to shut because of policy consideration, sell old computer and fittings.
  • Each word was annunciated deliberately as though allowing time to access a vocabulary database hidden away somewhere. 365 tomorrows » 2009 » March : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day
  • But arrived 2000 when, walk into an Internet bar casually, computer screen is right the penguin figure annunciate that next horn blink ceaselessly is worn QQ already on the pace drive.
  • I am really getting tired of having to annunciate and constantly in this blog Bluedog49 is the latest example. Think Progress » Feingold: We Should Challenge Generals Whose ‘Assessments…Were Wrong’
  • Dark corners, shelves, eaves, and window ledges sparkle with lights and decorations that celebrate the year as they annunciate our civility and hope. Tom Gregory: Baby Jesus is Kidnapped in Beverly Hills (Video)
  • Faye grabs her folder and stands in Don's doorway to annunciate "very good then, you can call me with the details. Janet Turley: Mad Men Season 4, Ep 10: "Get Rid of It"

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