How To Use Angiogenesis In A Sentence

  • They may stimulate different functions including angiogenesis, enzyme production, cell migration, chemotaxis, and cellular proliferation.
  • It was not known whether new lymphatic growth could be specifically blocked without also affecting blood angiogenesis or existing lymphatic vessels.
  • Was it angiogenesis inhibition, or something else? The Scientist
  • In cell culture studies, curcumin supressed preadipocyte differentiation, promoted adipocyte apoptosis (programmed cell death) and inhibited growth of adipokine-stimulated angiogenesis. Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Eat Curry For Weight Loss?
  • Many natural and chemical agents have been employed with the aim of halting or blocking angiogenesis, in an attempt to arrest malignant growth, development and metastasis.
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  • Placed at the interface between normal and pathologic physiology is the formation of new blood vessels, or angiogenesis.
  • Today, 10 antiangiogenesis drugs for cancer have been approved in the United States, helping more than 1.2 million patients with cancers of colon, lung, breast, kidney, liver, pancreas, stomach and bone marrow live longer and better. Dr. Dean Ornish: Top 10 Medical Events Of The Decade
  • And I think what we see on the horizon are treatments like gene therapy, immunotherapy, or this antiangiogenesis therapy, in which we can block the development of new blood vessels that feed cancer. CNN Transcript Apr 12, 2001
  • These peptides also inhibited proliferation, angiogenesis, and ERK activation induced by basic fibroblast growth factor with similar potency and efficacy.
  • Angiogenesis, a process by which new blood vessels sprout from existing one, is a prerequisite for outgrowth and metastasis of tumour.
  • These are involved in regulating vasculogenesis and angiogenesis after ischemic injury, interactions of cells with adhesive proteins and blood vessels, proliferation of smooth muscle cells during atherogenesis, metabolism of lipoproteins and non-thrombogenic characteristics of endothelial cells PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • The underlying principle behind anti-angiogenesis is that the development of these blood vessels may be slowed or halted entirely. A Canadian Technology Success Story Cancer Therapy: From Concept to Commonplace
  • Angiogenesis is a special biological behavior in tumor.
  • We can then culture those cells and test whether they are likely to be susceptible to a variety of treatments: cytostatic agents, hormones and angiogenesis inhibitors.
  • And the most fascinating thing that I learned that I really want everybody to understand is that there are some anti-cancer properties to cannabis, that it can trigger the cell death of cancer cells while leaving normal cells intact, and it can decrease what's called angiogenesis, which is you know, when a tumor is growing, it sends out these chemicals telling the blood vessels, you know, we need more blood here. NPR Topics: News
  • In chromosomally normal mice, the standard two copies of the Dscr1 gene produce just enough protein to help reign in normal blood-vessel growth, but not enough to stem the angiogenesis overload triggered by a developing tumor. How Down Syndrome Protects Against Cancer | Impact Lab
  • This is not to mention the myriad of problems with gene and protein expression, microenvironmental factors, angiogenesis, aging, and oncogenicity that need to be resolved before targeting cells and genes to the lung in humans.
  • Cancer brings about new blood vessel formation (angiogenesis), exposing collagen through turnover of the extracellular matrix. The Scientist
  • Objective To study the effect of angiogenesis inhibitor and its combine with chemical drug in suppressing the growth of adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC).
  • BioAlliance Pharma's AMEP biotherapy reduces both tumour growth and tumour angiogenesis THE MEDICAL NEWS
  • Small molecular size HA fragments 4-25 disaccharides units (approximately 1,600 to 10,000 Da) produced by the action of testicular hyaluronidase have been shown to induce angiogenesis in chick chorioallantoic membrane.
  • Folkman believed that disrupting this blood supply, called antiangiogenesis, could starve tumors. Dr. Dean Ornish: Top 10 Medical Events Of The Decade
  • Areas that are reluctant to turn cold are thought to indicate high metabolic activity, or angiogenesis (tumour-induced blood-vessel growth). Times, Sunday Times
  • Thymidine Phosphorylase (TP) is a kind of peptide growth factor which has a close relation with tumor angiogenesis.
  • Objectives The result of modern molecular biology investigationdisplay, meny cytokine could accelerate growth new angiogenesis, they facilitate wound plerosis , increasing skin flap survival rate.
  • Rogers PAW, Girling JE (2005) The role of progesterone in endometrial angiogenesis in pregnant and ovariectomised mice. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • The work of Dr. Folkman, who died at 74 this past Monday of an apparent heart attack while traveling to give a lecture, helped create the antiangiogenesis field, which today includes big-selling drugs such as Genentech Inc. 's Avastin. Doctor Pioneered New Cancer Treatments
  • Targeting the cell's growth machinery has long been the goal of antiangiogenesis, which attempts to cut off a tumor's blood supply. A Step Past Chemotherapy
  • One of the group's recent studies has been on the role of metalloproteinases in tumor angiogenesis. The Scientist
  • BIBF 1120 (planned brand name Vargatef (TM)) is a novel oral compound that works by simultaneously inhibiting three receptors involved in the formation of blood vessels, a process also called angiogenesis, which is needed for tumours to grow and spread. Aktuelle Nachrichten
  • However, efforts in the past year to stimulate angiogenesis in patients have been discouraging. The Scientist
  • In summary, our data show that the absence of PlGF strongly inhibits mucosal intestinal angiogenesis in acute colitis, which is associated with an early increase in intestinal epithelial hypoxia and aggravation of the course of the disease. Naturejobs - All Jobs
  • The compound can stall the spread of fat-tissue by inhibiting new blood vessel growth, called angiogenesis, which is necessary to build fat tissue, according to results from a new animal model study by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) - funded scientists and colleagues. News Feed
  • There are a lot of labs working on antiangiogenesis drugs. Healer
  • ADSC transplantation may reduce apoptosis and secret VEGF to promote the angiogenesis, and improve neural functional in intracerebral hemorrhage rats.
  • However, one powerful advantage of endogenous angiogenesis inhibitors is the lack of side effects. The Scientist
  • Angiogenesis inhibitors are also used to treat macular degeneration, a common cause of blindness. Times, Sunday Times
  • Arterial and venous endothelial cells are molecularly distinct from the earliest stages of angiogenesis.
  • And as well, cancer tumors require a process called angiogenesis, which is really, the tumor recruits the blood vessels to itself, to supply itself with nutrients so it can grow. Eva Vertes looks to the future of medicine
  • In the case of cancer, angiogenesis is critical to the development of tumours. A Canadian Technology Success Story Cancer Therapy: From Concept to Commonplace
  • Other important endocrine effects of leptin include immune function regulation, hematopoiesis, angiogenesis, and bone development.
  • The study examined the effects of histatin-1 on the formation of new blood vessels, known as angiogenesis. Times, Sunday Times
  • The first, obviously, was the bright light of his initial concept, the two altered moieties on the leading antiangiogenesis drug that led to vascumab. Healer
  • Similary, angiogenesis also speeds the development of diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.
  • WEIL: I think that the research being done on immunotherapy, gene therapy, antiangiogenesis therapy, I think all these things look more promising to me than our current approaches. CNN Transcript Nov 10, 2004
  • His blood-blocking process, called angiogenesis, ushered in a new line of cancer treatment. Times, Sunday Times
  • Many abstracts focused on hot topics such as angiogenesis and apoptosis. The Scientist
  • She also guided several important national clinical trials of potential new therapies, including chemoendocrine therapy for premenopausal breast cancer and antiangiogenesis therapy for advanced disease. Medlogs - Recent stories
  • VEGF is the key driver of tumour angiogenesis - a fundamental process required for a tumour to grow and to spread (metastasise) to other parts of the body. WebWire | Recent Headlines
  • Results VEGF, as a mitogen specifically for endothelial cells, could strongly stimulate angiogenesis as well as vascular permeability, especially in hypoxia state.
  • Anti-angiogenesis is a new biological approach to cancer treatment. A Canadian Technology Success Story Cancer Therapy: From Concept to Commonplace
  • It has been shown that conditioned media from fibroblasts from patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis stimulates angiogenesis.
  • Hypertrophic chondrocytes are localized between proliferating cartilage and bone and form an essential functional interface by facilitating the transition from cartilage to bone and coupling chondrogenesis to osteogenesis and angiogenesis PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Objective: To study the angiogenesis promoting effect of Shexiang Baoxin Pill (SXBXP) on chicken embryo chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) and cultured microvascular endothelial cells (MVEC).
  • In these cases, angiogenesis is a normal physiological process. A Canadian Technology Success Story Cancer Therapy: From Concept to Commonplace
  • These proposed services adapt to the validation and development of anti - cancer drug candidates and are fully validated such as sub-cutaneous and orthotopic tumors models in animals; in vitro and in vivo angiogenesis models; an original "Nodule" system, tumor invasion tests, in vivo imaging, bio-distribution, pharmacokinetics, toxicity, histological analysis, biomarker studies, ... THE MEDICAL NEWS
  • HIF-1 is an heterodimeric transcription factor that transactivates more than 60 target genes involved in multiple aspects of tumorigenesis including tumor growth, angiogenesis. metastasis, glucose metabolism and chemotherapy response. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • This process, tumor angiogenesis, gives tumors blood needed for accelerated growth. The Scientist

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