How To Use Anergy In A Sentence

  • As I originally wrote in my 1993 book, "Scientists recently discovered a process in the body's immune system called "anergy. Jack Myers: Change Agents: Cancer or Cure?
  • Howeer, some T cells are not actiated, in fact they are inactivated by a process called anergy or tolerance.
  • This type of antigen presentation results in tolerance via T-cell anergy.
  • Routine evaluation for anergy is not recommended.
  • The authors noted a marked augmentation in immune response demonstrated by a change from complete anergy to normal immune response in one patient.
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  • The feeding of low antigen doses leads to induction of regulatory cell secretion of immunosuppressive cytokines, whereas higher doses favor clonal deletion and anergy.
  • In utero bone marrow transplantation induces tolerance by a combination of clonal deletion and anergy. Fetal Stem Cell Transplantation, In Utero Stemm Cell Publications
  • It is known that some persons with TB exhibit specific anergy to tuberculin but still respond to other antigens, possibly because available T-cell receptors are saturated and unable to react to the administered tuberculin antigen.
  • As suggested by Ferrara and colleagues, a low mitogen response may possibly reflect underlying anergy or inability of the cellular immune system to effectively mount a T-cell response.
  • Scientists recently discovered a process in the body's immune system called "anergy. Jack Myers: Flu Attacks Media Business: Now is the Time to Act
  • These 4D event horizon surfaces form as a result of the fact that the very existence of energy densities prohibits their existence - or that of space/time at a certain place in scale, and that these scale/anergy density relationships vary with great complexity, depending on the mass of the energy denisties and how, and from what place within the manifold they are observed. Incompatible Arrows, IV: F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Ongoing studies involve cell-cycle regulation, novel transcription factors and regulation of key genes involved in T cell anergy and tolerance, including Foxp3 and its various homologs; further details are available. Basic Science Liver Disease Research

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