1. primitive reptile having no opening in the temporal region of the skull; all extinct except turtles
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How To Use anapsid In A Sentence

  • The relationships of more basal anapsids are not firmly established, but millerettids apparently appeared first.
  • In syanapsids, a secondary jaw joint develops between the surangular and the squamosal, which becomes the unique mammalian jaw articulation.
  • regardless; to continue with the idea that the basal reptile skull structure was initially felt to be anapsid and similar to that of lobe finned fishes and amphibians. Report on the 2005 Creation Mega Conference, Part Four - The Panda's Thumb
  • All members of the group called the Reptilia, except for the anapsids (turtles and their ilk), and a few extinct groups, are diapsids.
  • The anapsids start out with elongate jaws and rostra, but the entire muzzle becomes progressively shorter across their phylospace.
  • It doesnt seem likely that anapsid skulls are all secondarily derved from diapsids. Report on the 2005 Creation Mega Conference, Part Four - The Panda's Thumb
  • Rental cars charlotte awhile for the swarthiness the apprehension of any azalea he has apraxic in a unmalleability or negligence anapsid, we are rectilineal at, bitingly, an nutrient huckster. Rational Review
  • Today, only one group of anapsids remains (Chelonia - the turtles), which truly could be called an evolutionary success story.
  • Therefore, a long hiatus exists in the fossil record of anapsids.
  • This is where Lenny caustically suggested that I was a YEC for not knowing that turtles had been reclassified as diapsids with a secondarily anapsid appearing skull I hope that embryologically turtle skulls start off as diapsid and then change but I dont really know. Drawing a Line in the Academic Sand - The Panda's Thumb
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