[ UK /ɐmˈɔːfəs/ ]
[ US /əˈmɔɹfəs/ ]
  1. without real or apparent crystalline form
    amorphous structure
    an amorphous mineral
  2. having no definite form or distinct shape
    an aggregate of formless particles
    amorphous clouds of insects
    a shapeless mass of protoplasm
  3. (of a group of people or an organization) unorganized or unfocused
    A mob is an amorphous crowd of people without ideals, a sum of individuals in which each lives for himself
  4. unclear because vague or badly organized
    Her vague, amorphous statement of her predicament was part of what made it so hard for her to solve it
  5. lacking the system or structure characteristic of living bodies
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How To Use amorphous In A Sentence

  • Silica exists in several crystalline forms, in a large number of colloidal forms, and as an amorphous solid.
  • Your problem becomes a series of small tasks, rather than an overwhelming amorphous mass. Times, Sunday Times
  • In her later works, large, amorphous shapes seem to float on the canvas.
  • Graphite is one of the four allotropic forms of carbon; the other three are amorphous carbon, diamond, and fullerene.
  • In the range of same frequency, compared with silicon-steel sheet components, the bulk amorphous metal magnetic component of the invention has greatly improved performance characteristic.
  • Amorphous, polycrystalline, or epitaxial films can be made with thicknesses from 10 nanometers to hundreds of nanometers or thicker.
  • The metamorphous stage of turning an idea into something people can appreciate and admire is truly an art form. Blog De Ganz | Archive | April
  • An amorphous polymer in this state has been likened to a plate of frozen spaghetti.
  • Trade is not an amorphous statistical concept, it is about jobs. Times, Sunday Times
  • The results indicate that the amorphous film gradually transfers into microcrystalline Si, and the grain size is nanometer order of magnitude.
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