1. any member of the Amniota
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How To Use amniote In A Sentence

  • Understanding of the earliest amniotes has been a central pursuit of vertebrate paleontologists over the past century.
  • Lip thing: One of the SVP presentations this year found that, in living amniotes, lips, cheeks, and epidermal tooth coverings space out according to number of foramina in the premax/max/dentaries. Life's Time Capsule: me, 3D and Plateosaurus...
  • The oldest known amniotes - close to the ancestry of all reptiles, birds, and mammals - appeared in the early Pennsylvanian, about 310 million years ago.
  • Mammary glands evolved in the mammalian lineage after mammals and frogs split from their amniote ancestor. About 'What Darwin Got Wrong'
  • The amniotes in turn have two main groups: the synapsids (including mammals) and the sauropsids (including reptiles and their fossil relatives).
  • The trait of temporal fenestration has been used extensively in phylogenetic studies of amniotes, but unfortunately, it is not a reliable guide to their evolution.
  • A random cell motility gradient downstream of FGF controls elongation of an amniote embryo Nature, 466 7303, 248-252 DOI: 10.1038/nature09151 Randomly growing an embryo. It can work. - The Panda's Thumb
  • In extant amniotes, however, the VN organ is situated too close to the midline to leave a mark on the maxilla, as is the anlagen of the organ in crocodilian and avian embryos.
  • Birds are also clearly diapsids and if every living amniote that isnt a mammal is a diapsid then birds are diapsid reptiles too. Drawing a Line in the Academic Sand - The Panda's Thumb
  • Among the important changes of the vertebrate organisation that marked the rise of the first Amniotes from salamandrine Amphibia during this period the following three are especially noteworthy: the entire disappearance of the water-breathing gills and the conversion of the gill-arches into other organs, the formation of the allantois or primitive urinary sac, and the development of the amnion. The Evolution of Man — Volume 2
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