How To Use Ammoniacal In A Sentence

  • Scotch colley, -- a lean, wrinkled, dark-faced woman, who is unwinding the bandages from a squalling _Bambino_, -- a mixed odor of garlic and of goats, that is quickened with an ammoniacal pungency, -- and you may form some idea of the home of a small Roman farmer in our day. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 12, No. 70, August, 1863
  • Its natural form, at the temperature of the atmosphere, when free from combination, is that of gas; and in this state it is called _ammoniacal gas_. Conversations on Chemistry, V. 1-2 In Which the Elements of that Science Are Familiarly Explained and Illustrated by Experiments
  • If the odor of the urine is strong, record whether the urine smells urinoid, fruity (like acetone or fingernail polish remover), putrid (fecal smelling) or ammoniacal (like ammonia).
  • His breath, an ammoniacal reek that could have blistered paintwork, made her blink. THE COMPANY OF STRANGERS
  • The ammoniacal acetone supernatant containing extracted pigments was discarded, and the lipoprotein pellet was suspended in 2 mL of homogenization buffer.
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  • Contributing to the stink was food in various stages of preservation or decay, cooked, uncooked, and rotten; burning oils, often rancid since fresh congealed lumps of fat were usually added to old oil in the lamps; baskets used for defecation, not always dumped immediately; containers of urine saved and left standing to become ammoniacal by the decomposition of urea through bacteria; and people. The Mammoth Hunters
  • Cupron is highly selective for copper ion in ammoniacal solution and for molybdenum in acid.
  • Current research has shown an increase in soil acidification through anthropogenic effects including acid precipitation and nitrification of ammoniacal fertilizers.
  • It is a blend of many smells, of dung-fires and of cooking food, the sweet smell of new-cut hay and the ammoniacal smell of the horses, and the stench of human sewage in open pits, of leather and pitch and horse-sweat and woodshavings and sour beer. River God
  • Round the outside of some of these rings was a slow fire, which just singes the tops of the bits of rubber vine as they project over the collar or ring, and causes the milky juice to run out of the lower end into the calabash, giving out as it does so a strong ammoniacal smell. Travels in West Africa
  • Then come the first faint traces of the animal - warm, only slightly rank, ammoniacal, like a wet dog drying in the sun.
  • During the diaper-wearing years, this is usually ammoniacal dermatitis, commonly known as diaper rash.
  • On top of this was the smell of unwashed men and their festering wounds, cooking food and fermenting beer, unburied rubbish, and filth, the ammoniacal reek of the latrine pits and the dung heaps, and the even more biting stench of unburied corpses. Warlock
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis can cause urine to have a fruity or sweet odor, and alkaline fermentation can cause an ammoniacal odor after prolonged bladder retention.
  • The ammoniacal fluid was harsh, and smelled strong, but it dissolved oils and grease on her skin and in her hair, and it killed any lice or fleas she might have picked up. The Mammoth Hunters
  • It contains only ammoniacal nitrogen, which is protected from leaching immediately after application since it is held by cation exchange sites on soil clays and organic matter.
  • We have recorded reduced levels of chloride, nitrate-nitrite nitrogen, ammoniacal nitrogen, chemical oxygen and dissolved and suspended solids.
  • Current research has shown an increase in soil acidification through anthropogenic effects including acid precipitation and nitrification of ammoniacal fertilizers.
  • Ammonium chloride is an effective restrainer, but gives off a strong ammoniacal smell and may shift print color toward the red.
  • If the wine is examined according to the Falieres-Ritter method in presence of magenta, ether, when shaken up with the wine, previously rendered ammoniacal, remains colorless, while if archil or cudbear is present the ether is colored red. Scientific American Supplement, No. 385, May 19, 1883
  • He tried to tell himself it was only a dream, but the feel of the rough mattress-ticking beneath him and the fetid, faintly ammoniacal smell of feathers and old newspapers and bird dung argued otherwise. Fear Itself
  • Neutrally buoyant ammoniacal cephalopods in the mesopelagic are a limiting case in need of study.
  • His conclusions are that a copper acetylide is always produced if impure acetylene is allowed to pass through neutral or ammoniacal solutions of copper; that dry acetylene containing all its natural impurities except ammonia acts to an equal extent on copper and its alloys, yielding the explosive compound; that pure and dry gas does not act upon copper or its alloys, although it is possible that an explosive compound may be produced after a great length of time. Acetylene, the Principles of Its Generation and Use
  • a substance in South America called 'guana', which he had analysed and found to contain one-third of ammoniacal salt with other salts and carbon, but its use was not to come for another generation. A Short History of English Agriculture
  • I still recoil at the memory of that ammoniacal, and demoniacal, assault on my eyes and nose. John B. Fenn - Autobiography
  • This stuff is strongly ammoniacal and really needs to be used with care and ventilation.
  • Among these may be mentioned -- Alder Wright's method of using an ammoniacal salt, the acid radicle of which neutralises the caustic alkali, ammonia being liberated; the use of sodium and potassium bibasic phosphate (Eng.Pat. 25,357, 1899); a substance formed by treating albumen with formalin The Handbook of Soap Manufacture
  • States where he became manager of the Metacloth Company, a small enterprise in Lodi, N.J. whose main product was cotton duck treated by immersion in a concentrated ammoniacal solution of copper hydroxide followed by a wash in acid. John B. Fenn - Autobiography
  • Some species live entirely in this restricted habitat, but most become ammoniacal late in ontogeny, as they approach semelparous reproduction.
  • On examining the tables given above, it is obvious that guanos may be divided into two classes, the one characterized by the abundance of ammonia, the other by that of phosphates; and which, for convenience sake, may be called ammoniacal and phosphatic guanos. Elements of Agricultural Chemistry
  • Observations on the neutrally buoyant ammoniacal cephalopods of the mesopelagic zone are rare and based on submarine or ROV observations that are typically brief.
  • Cuprous carbide or acetylide is the reddish brown amorphous precipitate which is the ultimate product obtained when acetylene is led into an ammoniacal solution of cuprous chloride. Acetylene, the Principles of Its Generation and Use
  • With a deep breath for courage, I picked up the vial of ammoniacal spirits. Sick Cycle Carousel

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