How To Use Amiably In A Sentence

  • We were able to get along amiably throughout the entire trial, down to the last closing argument.
  • "Why, certainly," replied Hardin, amiably. "We're all scholars more or less."
  • The vexation he showed at having caused {p. 066} such a disappointment, struck me as amiably characteristic -- and in the course of the evening he every now and then threw out some word of admiration to reconsole _mamma_. Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Volume V (of 10)
  • These colleagues were as we had hoped amiably ruthless in discerning “opportunities for improvement” in that draft. American Grace
  • In the persona of jolly Crinkleroot, a bearded and buckskinned mountain man, the author begins each book amiably with a letter's worth of general information concerning habitats, swimming or flying, gills or feathers.
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  • You're a foul thing -- a muckworm -- Sir Rowland," added Trenchard amiably, "and you've been discourteous to a lady, for which may Heaven forgive you -- I can't. Mistress Wilding
  • This character's role is merely to grin amiably, like the servants in old Hollywood films.
  • Mabs and Tashie's contribution seemed to consist of amiably teasing Nigel and Henry.
  • Do so amiably and self-deprecatingly, not crossly. Times, Sunday Times
  • He handled Palin deftly (which is to say amiably and without making a big deal of the fact that she wasn't actually answering the questions), and exhibited a clear grasp of what he was out there to do. Charging RINO
  • Ruscha painted for years in a déclassé section of Hollywood but moved amiably among all the art scenettes in LA.
  • As if they were but marionettes, they all marched amiably into the dank corridors beneath the garrison at the castle’s bailey wall.
  • `Come and visit me,' he said amiably
  • The amiably daft sitcom set in a hair salon runs all this week. Times, Sunday Times
  • Blues Breakdown, the regular house band, were amiably led by organiser Mike Ford on guitar and lead vocals.
  • They sit amiably in front of a coffee table made from a knee-high stack of animation cels.
  • He had been a schoolboy again for the all too brief half hour beside the grey and gurly sea, and that youthfulness, that survived through all the patient suffering of his life and that seems to laugh out of the pages of his books to the last, was in the ascendant as he walked off jauntily townwards, amiably oblivious of the lecture his aunt gave him by the way. Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Come and visit me, he said amiably.
  • He amiably volunteered to make an appointment for me with the minister.
  • Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal Key lime pie for dessert at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que One recent Sunday, church crowds amiably waited for a table alongside folks in spandex and cycling cleats as a huge party lingered over a 1-year-old's birthday. Getting Away From It All
  • We were talking so amiably that I found myself enjoying being with you as I never had before.
  • Richard Tresvant is a very good friend of mine…despite the substantial age difference, Walter Bumgaarten replied amiably. Larger Than Lyfe
  • The two then parted ways amiably.
  • As for Glumm, he frowned on the path most unamiably while he sauntered along with both hands thrust into the breast of his tunic, and the point of his sword rasping harshly against rocks and bushes. Erling the Bold
  • We chatted amiably about a variety of profound subjects and laughed hilariously at each other's jokes.
  • 'That's fine,' he replied amiably.
  • righteously" or justly, in relation to our neighbor; "godly" or piously, in relation to God (not merely amiably and justly, but something higher, godly, with love and reverence toward God). Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
  • They talked amiably and easily about a range of topics.
  • Students were either at the center of the hall, dancing in couples or groups, or lounged around the tables, chatting amiably with their friends.
  • There was, of course, no denying that Willie's disregard for the meal hour had become what she termed "chronical" and severely taxed her forbearance; or that since she was a creature of human limitations she did at times protest when the chowder stood forgotten in the tureen until it was of Arctic temperature; nor had she ever acquired the grace of spirit to amiably view freshly baked popovers shrivel neglected into nothingness. Flood Tide
  • She spoke amiably, yet with the least hint of dismissal in her voice.
  • She was kissing his face amiably as if he were her savior, taking her away from her disappearing world.
  • His forthright, amiably assertive manner perhaps appealed to some readers.
  • Taking a breath, Calipari smiles and wades into the throng, chatting amiably as he obliges each request.
  • Mabs and Tashie's contribution seemed to consist of amiably teasing Nigel and Henry.
  • There was what may have been a bishop's mitre on the skull, which grinned amiably up at us.
  • Come here, girl!" she called amiably in a quavery old-woman voice. Legacy
  • He picked up the shuttlecock and we soon started a game, chatting amiably as we played.
  • Even when he was working on a shoestring, he revealed the kind of amiably creative flair that is often overlooked by film snobs in their unending quest for audience-unfriendly breakthroughs to punish the paying customers for their bourgeois tastes. Burns' Comic Realism Remains, His Brothers Are Gone
  • It was a diving beetle, with that amiably rotund shape that prejudices us in favour of most beetles, because they look so earnest and preoccupied. Times, Sunday Times
  • His movie is like a cork bobbing amiably on waves of lightness and unforced gaiety.
  • Lidia Verrecchia banters amiably as she ferries cappuccinos to her customers, who sit at Formica tables backed by art deco wood panels.
  • “Watch out below!” he called amiably, then double-checked that the alligator clips were firmly in place, shut the service-box door, and shinnied back down the pole. Kahawa
  • Ever since, we have circled each other amiably, two playwrights on similar trajectories.
  • That house was a tinderbox of memories; it had seen so many parties and Christmases, each one stuffed with relatives and friends chatting amiably, that even the footworn rug or a model of Volkswagen Beetle on the fireplace could spark fond reminiscences. A Vaccine For Whedon Syndrome
  • There are no punters, just about a dozen staff circulating amiably: spraying, wiping, tightening, bantering.
  • They were chatting quite amiably on the phone last night so I assumed everything was okay.
  • But it's half an hour earlier," he protests, in a manner the interviewer calls "amiably disingenuous". Media Monkey's Diary
  • One wonders what Jesus might say to these folk, gathered here in drip-dry short-sleeve shirts and pastel trousers, chatting amiably, sucking Tic Tacs, patiently awaiting Proof. The Fiddler in the Subway
  • The courtiers and attendants were left to socialize amongst themselves, and most of the gentlemen found a lady or two to chat amiably with.
  • In "One-upmanship," Potter suggests that one way to even things up is to prearrange a woman with a sexy voice to telephone at a time when one is likely to be unclothed in the physician's examining room, and that one take the call sitting naked upon the physician's desk, chatting amiably away. The Success of Failure
  • Say ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, and the person you are speaking to will see in the mind's eye Spencer Tracy's amiably pudgy features dissolving into the monstrous physiognomy of Edward Hyde.
  • So the film finishes and we lie and chat amiably in my big commodious bed.
  • She amiably offered a smile in return, which pleasantly surprised him.
  • He oozes carpe diem spirit, leading us amiably to the quayside to pick up 'sargos, rofos and fagri'. Times, Sunday Times
  • It's not exactly Alan Bennett, but it proceeds amiably enough from one well-worn double entendre to the next – and Tim Healy's transvestite barman alone banishes the temptation to channel-hop. Tonight's TV highlights: Asian Gracefully | Benidorm | Friday Night Dinner | The Simpsons | Ron Sexsmith: Love Shines | Treme
  • I'd have cuffed you if you'd failed to make your duty to me," said the Provincara amiably, with admirable illogic. THE CURSE OF CHALION

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