How To Use American language In A Sentence

  • There is little resembling the incapsulation (_emboitement_) that one sees in most American languages. The Maya Chronicles Brinton's Library Of Aboriginal American Literature, Number 1
  • The American Language Institute at USC provides training to help international teaching assistants improve their English.
  • However, having struggled with the nuances of the American language, I have found it more beneficial to adapt to my alien environment rather than advertise my foreignness with a pint of beer and a fresh rendition of ‘Rule Britannia’.
  • The whale, named Tilikum or "friend" in the Native American language Chinook Jargon, is among the killer whales, dolphins and seals whose shows have made SeaWorld so popular. Iac world news feed
  • By the 1970s, White had refined his feelings about her: A beautiful, tart and brittle woman, more American than Chinese, and mistress of every level of the American language from the verses of the hymnal to the most sophisticated bitchery. The Last Empress
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  • Too, his American Language, as unpolitical and as entertaining as anything he ever wrote, remained an ongoing project.
  • Thus it was taken into the Choctaw Native American language, whose expression "okeh" meant something like "it is so". BBC News - Home
  • They had three sons called Shem, Ham and Japheth, which in the modern day American language correspond to Burger, Ham and Macdonald. History of the World - Part II
  • In this era of authors, we see the American language and value system codified in literature.
  • Native American languages: netop, sagamore, supawn 19TH-CENTURY SLANG.
  • Both a study in philology and a history of ideas, The American Language continued in the tradition of Webster and Whitman to defend American English against its detractors.
  • The English word 'samurai' is pronounced ['sæm@raI], not like the Japanese word [samM4ai] it's borrowed from; the English word ['dZægju@] comes ultimately from some Latin American language, but that doesn't bear on the question of what the English word is now. QUIPU.
  • In the Native American language Fox, uncles, great-uncles, and nephews are all called by the same term.
  • A famous e American professor will give our school a report on American language.

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