How To Use Alumna In A Sentence

  • The keynote speaker, an Iowa State alumna, said information technology is the most important contributor to growth.
  • Ms. Ellis Sangster: In our alumnae panels, it's basic questions about raising a family, being in a relationship: How did you move across the country when you were married? Pressing for Women's Gains
  • But what has the college done to keep other alumnae interested?
  • Alumni is a masculine plural form; alumnae is the feminine plural.
  • Another girl, an alumna of the school, now makes promotional films for institutes such as this centre.
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  • He was given a tour and expressed his happiness that so many alumnae were attending Oxford.
  • Some of our team are alumnae. Times, Sunday Times
  • AAUW is proud to present the newest tool for connecting these incredible women: a social networking community called AAUW Alumnae Exchange. AAUW Alumnae Exchange: Connecting Alumnae One Click at a Time « AAUW Dialog
  • The core of any marketing strategy for new physicists is to bring alumnae and alumni into direct contact with students and faculty.
  • Χi-m, culsl leprnal, pśl varχ-ti cerine pul alumnaθ, pul hermu huzrna-tre; Etruscan syntactic inversion
  • He was rewarded by seeing Maggie let her work fall, and gradually get so absorbed in his wonderful geological story that she sat looking at him, leaning forward with crossed arms, and with an entire absence of self-consciousness, as if he had been the snuffiest of old professors, and she a downy-lipped alumna. II. First Impressions. Book VI—The Great Temptation
  • The Alumnae Association is my link to the school's present administration.
  • Fresno for the 2009 Top Dog Alumni Awards., the highest honor given to an alumnus / alumna, which is based on scholarship, leadership and service to the university, the region and the state.
  • She is an alumna of the Yale School of Art and the Whitney Independent Study Program.
  • Academic physics can exploit the untapped resource of its alumnae and alumni in many ways.
  • It was one of the reasons I ceased to be an active member or join any of the alumnae groups after I graduated.
  • I am a proud alumna of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.
  • Naturally, one of its most important sources is the school's alumnae.
  • As an alumna of Northwestern University, I was disappointed that my alma mater was not listed.
  • One of my fellow teachers, an alumna from this school told me, "For many of these students, this is the only graduation they'll see -- and their parents know it. Robert Schwartz: Middle School 'Graduation' Is No Time for Excessive Celebration
  • Invite a least one Rotary Foundation alumnus or alumna to join your club.
  • I will call the alumnae office with my credit card information. Sweet Briar College News
  • A Smith alumna named Sally on the different types of activism Backscratching in Our Time — Gloria Steinem and J. Courtney Sullivan « One-Minute Book Reviews
  • An alumna of Bishop Cotton Girls' High School, her talents won her the status of suave scholar.
  • If it's kosher to interpret alumnaθ as a derivative of the Latin word alumnus/-a 'pupil', then it's certainly sounding like the funeral arrangements of Laris Pulena were somehow being taken care of by those of a temple-school, yes. Relative pronouns in Etruscan
  • The Alumnae Association is my link to the school's present administration.
  • Another alumna had just finished a graduate program in England, gotten pregnant, been dumped by her law-student boyfriend and returned to the U.S. "in a horrible state of depression. Life and Faith in Hell's Kitchen
  • They work in recruiting and outreach programs and keep in touch with alumni and alumnae.
  • It was sponsored by various university alumnae associations -- mainly Carleton and Duke universities. Peter Worthington: The New Russia Is Much Like the Old Russia
  • For one of the society's projects-the construction of a music hall-the alumnae raised money with ice cream socials, strawberry festivals, bazaars, and operettas, one of which Zitella directed.
  • The most common variety of Portland cement is a mixture of calcimined calcareous and argillaceous materials, forming a complex composition consisting of tri-calcium illuminate, tetra-calcium alumna ferrite, decaliun sillicate and tetra calcium ortho-silicate.
  • He used every device, wile and stratagem to part alumnae from their money. Times, Sunday Times
  • Keeping the college all-female, therefore, will improve morale among students and convince alumni ( alumnae ) to keep supporting the college financially.
  • In the first clause, the preterite verb cerine precedes what may be two nouns, pul and alumnaθ. Etruscan syntactic inversion
  • Squitieri, an alumna of WNO's Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program, was a little overemphatic as Beatrice, stripped of her prototype's smoldering mystery, but had some lovely vocal moments. Domingo's tenor lifts respectable, but too literal, 'Il Postino' by Daniel Catán
  • In "New Orleans schools: A nexus of poverty, high expulsion rates, hyper-security and novice teachers," a Teach For America alumna, Davina Allen, observed, "If you're struggling with behavioral issues, then there's a very good chance you're not teaching well. John Thompson: New Orleans Charter Schools Need to Respect Teachers' Experience, Students' Dignity
  • It is for the same reason the council has asked for the boundary to be extended in the Chalumna area.
  • Because Spence alumnae are routinely accepted by Harvard, Princeton and Columbia universities, the school can afford to be very selective. Alan Singer: What's Good for Mayor Bloomberg's Kids Is Good Enough for Ours
  • College Member and alumna , Professor Karis Kwong (98/NUR) from the Nethersole School of Nursing, won the Master Teacher award from Faculty of Medicine in 2009.
  • The descendant was also an alumna of the school, and she agreed to donate samples of her blood for the project.
  • An alumna and former employee of the university, she earned her doctorate at Nova Southeastern University.
  • In the YouTube video of that performance, you see a pretty, kittenish, frumpily dressed brunette, an alumna of the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a first-rate Manhattan private school, who was at that time enrolled in New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She sings with style and conviction but betrays few hints of the pop superstar she was soon to become-after "the transformation," as Gorka referred to it. The New Yorker
  • Some alumnae also criticized Collins for removing the college's mission statement from its website.
  • I have achieved those goals, and it is now my desire to rejoin the ranks of alumnae who serve the college in innumerable ways.
  • The gift from the alumna will be used to create scholarships and student aid awards to deserving students who pursue careers in health education and music.
  • For some years Merrill served as an alumna trustee of Wellesley College.
  • I am a recent alumna of the University of Waterloo and do not consider myself in any way averse to liberal writing.
  • The Alumnae Association is my link to the school's present administration.
  • One alumna won a summer scholarship to the Alvin Ailey School.
  • Usually it is not a matter of controversy when a distinguished alumna returns to her alma mater to address former mentors and current students.
  • (We were taught to say "alumnae" because it's a girls 'school.) Charlottesville Blogs
  • Roy Vagelos, medical school alumnus and former CEO of Merck & Co., and his wife, Barnard alumna Diana Vagelos. Columbia University Medical Center Receives $50 Million Donation
  • Twenty freshmen, faculty members, alumnae and parents gathered in a small computer room off the quad to greet Child.
  • We aim to be a cohesive alumnae that provide strong support to our Alma Mater, strive to be modern and caring women with virtue and contribute to our Nation and Community.
  • Tri Delt alumnae recently camped out outside the Today Show to spread the Fat Talk Free message. Leslie Goldman: Do I Look Fat in This? Don't Ask, Don't Tell

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