[ UK /ˈɔːltənˌe‍ɪtɪŋ/ ]
[ US /ˈɔɫtɝˌneɪtɪŋ/ ]
  1. occurring by turns; first one and then the other
    alternating feelings of love and hate
  2. (of a current) reversing direction
    alternating current
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How To Use alternating In A Sentence

  • Eight crowns with alternating large and small fleurons are described.
  • The main theme returns to be transformed during the wonderful close - horns, tubas, and strings alternating their harmonies with quiet majesty.
  • The change of attitude towards alternating current was certainly helped by the Westinghouse exhibit at the Columbian Exposition that year.
  • Freestyle in those days was the trudgen, an alternating overarm stroke with a scissors kick.
  • On the other hand, liking her a lot after spending an evening alternating between trying to save her life, kill her, and turn her mind over to an evil demigoddess, is Prince Tarvek, descendant of the fabled Storm King. Archive 2009-01-01
  • You can work most of the magic the day before, prepping the ingredients and assembling the dish, alternating bread, vegetables or meat and cheese "strata" is Latin for "layers" before pouring in the milk and eggs that will mortar it all together. - News
  • A crystal connected to an alternating voltage source will vibrate, generating an alternating voltage.
  • The mainly south-westerly air-stream, alternating with south-easterlies, turned the beat to Temple into a series of short tacks as the fickle breeze tempted boats on to a course before dying away and changing direction.
  • Polyelectrolyte multilayers are gel-like films of alternating layers of positively and negatively charged molecules.
  • The composer adapts the antiphonal structure by alternating sections of linear two-voice writing with those of chordal textures, the latter serving as multiple refrains.
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