How To Use Alphabetised In A Sentence

  • You got an alphabetised phone and address book, an appointments diary and a basic notepad so you could jot down short text pieces.
  • I did this - a complete cross referenced and alphabetised list of every post I have made in the last month.
  • When I'd shelved some books and tidied the tables, I chose a section, and I re-alphabetised it! Archive 2009-01-01
  • They hang above my desk, alphabetised and descending. Numberplate
  • And then my mum came to visit and alphabetised the whole lot while I was out. Dear Clusterflock | clusterflock
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  • Individual entries are now barely worth documenting, and the phenomenon is best appreciated in bulk through websites such as the Daily Mail Oncological Ontology Project and Kill Or Cure, with its alphabetised list: from almonds, apples and artificial light; through horseradish, hot drinks and housework; to wasabi, water, watercress and more. The Daily Mail cancer story that torpedoes itself in paragraph 19
  • As it is I'm a little ashamed that I sat down and created my own categorised, alphabetised index for it, confirming that I am now a real dorky librarian. Pistachio, yoghurt & cardamom cake, with lime syrup
  • Our nameplates arrived for the communal office door today, alphabetised by the handyman who put them up, which thus avoided the catfight my new officemates and I had promised each other over who would get the top position.
  • After a couple of hours of mindless surfing, I've found a few more most excellent weblogs to add to my soon to be alphabetised side bar!
  • I can bite till my fingers bleed when I get like that but very luckily just then I had a flash of genius I realized I never had alphabetised the freezer had I? Incendiary
  • One small corner of the shelving housed dozens of CD-ROMs, floppies and manuals, but the rest of the space was taken up with literally hundreds of alphabetised A4 manila folders, coloured name tags on all of the top right-hand corners. It's October, 1956.

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