How To Use Alpha decay In A Sentence

  • The principles of alpha decay are used in radioactive dating, in which half-lives play an important part.
  • During a routine check for contamination in their bolometers, which happen to be built around crystals containing bismuth, the team noticed an unexpected alpha decay not listed in any reference tables.
  • Alpha decay occurs when an atomic nucleus disintegrates by emitting alpha particles.
  • Radon can enter the body through the lungs, where it undergoes alpha decay to form polonium, a radioactive solid that remains in the lungs and continues to emit cancer-causing radiation.
  • Part of this energy is seen in the form of alpha radiation, which occurs in the process of alpha decay.
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  • Similar damage is caused by the alpha recoil, which is a trace of the energy released during the alpha decay of uranium and thorium isotopes.
  • Helium, a light gas, is formed during radioactive alpha decay in rock minerals.
  • The half-life of radioactive matter is the time before half of any given amount of nuclei will break down through alpha decay.

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