1. a quality characterized by indirect reference
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How To Use allusiveness In A Sentence

  • There are kinds of subtlety and metaphorical allusiveness that are easier to achieve in comics than in novels.
  • Paglia (correctly) emphasizes the way in which English is constantly changing -- which makes it an ever-renewable source of new kinds of writing -- but she ought to consider this when elevating the Romantic poets '"living speech" over "dense allusiveness and preciosity. Poetry
  • Here, the estranging inexplicability of the actual is most viscerally approached, not through any feeble attempt at representation, but through the bizarre allusiveness of the fictive.
  • I direct students to the rich allusiveness of his work, his careful craftsmanship, and his often hidden meanings. Interview With Professor Jeanne Campbell Reesman
  • She uses non-realistic devices from fairy tale and a playful allusiveness to other texts in both dialogue and third-person narration.
  • Great Regulars: In my experience, pastiche, hyper-allusiveness and associative logic contribute just as much to the texture of everyday communication as they do to making up postmodern literature and "Simpsons" episodes and Mitsubishi commercials. Archive 2009-05-01
  • Any poetry removed from popular diction will inevitably become as esoteric as 18th-century satire (perfected by Alexander Pope), whose dense allusiveness and preciosity drove the early Romantic poets into the countryside to find living speech again. Poetry
  • The allusiveness requires us to attend to the internal structure of the text, and at the same time asks us to step outside it, to other texts.
  • If you can stand the obliqueness, the allusiveness and the tension-inducing pace, you are in for an experience that is disturbing, revelatory and poetic.
  • The heavy-handed allusiveness may just be an aesthetic mistake, a secondary flaw we have to countenance while otherwise acknowledging the narrative power of the novel as a whole. Translated Texts
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