allow for

  1. make a possibility or provide opportunity for; permit to be attainable or cause to remain
    allow for mistakes
    This procedure provides for lots of leeway
    leave lots of time for the trip
    The evidence allows only one conclusion
    This leaves no room for improvement
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How To Use allow for In A Sentence

  • The rear sights are dovetailed to allow for windage adjustments.
  • This new circuit will allow for the testing of braking system performance in snow and ice conditions on sharp corners and twisty turns.
  • Ms. Fuchs believes the topic of safe sex isn't one where a parent can allow for a child to break down into the giggles and get squirmy. Mother Works to Make AIDS Education a Priority
  • They would also allow former editors on the panel. Times, Sunday Times
  • The use of a ViewModel here makes it much easier to create a view that can display a Customer object and allow for things like an "unselected" state of a Boolean property. MSDN Magazine: RSS Feed
  • My position on euthanasia is actually derived from the ancient Greek one; that is, I am generally in favour of allowing it, as long as the person being euthanized is in perfectly sound mental condition, not non compos mentis, and has positively re-affirmed his decision at least three times over the period of at least a suspended period of time to allow for reconsideration (say 15 or 30 days). Matthew Yglesias » Bishops and Abortion
  • As for communications equipment, the snipers need small, easily packable radios and a good directional antenna to allow for longer-range communications.
  • In that context, I found phrases like these kind of disconcerting and hard to read: the passions of his bewildered heart … a maelstrom of melancholicaly erupted emotion … causing a bit of the guilt to spatter through his brow … that would never permit his repression, never allow for nothing short of predetermined apocalyptic salvation. Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Frank Murdock’s Review Forum
  • You have to allow for a certain amount of error.
  • It is more constructive, I think, while recognizing the persistent fallacy of an atomized human "individual," self-constructed, essentialized, pre-social, that we allow for the possibility of positive social change. Archive 2009-10-01
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