[ US /ˈæɫəˌtɹoʊp/ ]
[ UK /ˈælətɹˌə‍ʊp/ ]
  1. a structurally different form of an element
    graphite and diamond are allotropes of carbon
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How To Use allotrope In A Sentence

  • Artificial diamonds are manufactured from graphite (another allotrope of carbon) using intense heat and pressure.
  • Two allotropes of the element exist, accounting for the slight variation in densities.
  • A new fifth allotrope of carbon was recently produced, a spongy solid called a magnetic carbon “nanofoam” that is extremely lightweight and attracted to magnets. Carbon
  • Buckminister Fuller and Richard Smalley in terms of allotrope. The Lopsided Universe
  • White phosphorus (WP) is a flare - and smoke-producing incendiary device [1] or smoke-screening agent that is made from a common allotrope of the chemical element phosphorus. - Articles related to Israel is spying because it can't wage war - top Hizbullah MP
  • There are four known allotropes of carbon: amorphous, graphite, diamond, and fullerene. Carbon
  • Carbon nanotubes are molecular-scale tubes usually made of a carbon allotrope. Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets
  • Take all this stuff, for instance; especially their ability to transform iron into a fluid allotrope, and in that form to use its intra-atomic energy as power. Triplanetary
  • Moving to polytopes or allotrope seem to have values in science? The Lopsided Universe
  • A third allotrope occurs as an amorphous brown powder with a density of 2.350 grams per cubic centimeter.
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