How To Use Alkalizer In A Sentence

  • • Carrot juice is a rich vitamin and mineral source and an alkalizer. THE NATURAL REMEDY BIBLE
  • ½ lemon, scrubbed but not peeled body alkalizer, bioflavonoid-rich The Truth About Beauty
  • Lemon: raw lemon juice diluted with warm distilled water is an excellent all-around alkalizer and mucus dissolver, but only when taken without sugar; though acidic in the natural state, lemon juice has strong alkalizing properties in the stomach and bloodstream. The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity
  • This is a great alkalizer for the body, which will keep your PH balanced, so it's a fantastic thing to drink first thing in the morning. Undefined
  • Here it's an alkalizer that boosts the pH toward bleachlike levels and swells the hair's outer layer so the color can penetrate more fully. What's Inside: 'Just for Men' Hair Color

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