alkali metal

  1. any of the monovalent metals of group I of the periodic table (lithium or sodium or potassium or rubidium or cesium or francium)
    the hydroxides of the alkali metals are strongly alkaline
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How To Use alkali metal In A Sentence

  • Over the last century, antacids were developed based on the hydroxides and carbonates of the group II and III metals, as well as the bicarbonates of the alkali metals.
  • Lithium, the lightest metal, is in a group of elements called alkali metals or Group I elements and is silvery-white in color. Lithium
  • Since they have two electrons that they must lose, they are not quite as reactive as the alkali metals.
  • While not as reactive as the alkali metals, this family knows how to make bonds very easily.
  • The alkali metals are silver colored except for cesium, which is pale gold.
  • It belongs to a group of elements known as the alkali metals, such as sodium, potassium, cesium and lithium. Rubidium
  • Soluble silicates can be obtained by heating alkali metal carbonates and silica.
  • This review summaries the application of ion exchangers in the separation and determination of alkali metals, alkali-earth metals, noble metals, rare earth elements and actinoid.
  • It has been demonstrated that the five new gases, or "noble gases" as they are often called, form a natural family of elements which by the absence of electric polarity is strictly differentiated from all elements previously known, filling a void in the periodic system hitherto existing between the highly negative halogens and the highly positive alkali metals. Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1904 - Presentation Speech
  • Soaps are created by the chemical reaction of a fatty acid with an alkali metal hydroxide.
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