How To Use Alinement In A Sentence

  • The traveler of a generation ago over this particular section of the Santa Fe lines might have felt that there was some truth in this criticism; but the Atchison has long since cut out these idiosyncrasies of early construction, and the main line in this section of New Mexico is now noted for alinement and absence of curves and grades. The Railroad Builders; a chronicle of the welding of the states
  • The alinement was by class and section rather than by party; and inflationists and advocates of the redemption of the bonds in currency were to be found not only among the rank and file but also among the leaders of both parties. The Agrarian Crusade; a chronicle of the farmer in politics
  • Malvinas Islands, in reiterating its support of the inalienable right of the people of Belize to self-determination, independence and territorial integrity, the conference again confirmed that which its declaration defined as the quintessence of nonalinement. MEETS OFFICIALS AT UN:DEPARTS FOR HOME
  • Slate normally occurs from say eustry mud which becomes mudstone - this is then folded due to tectonic action and the pressure causes changes so that you get an alinement of say mica along the fold axis - this is the cleavage and is what the slate is split down. Snell-Pym » I like Tunnels
  • We are establishing the first measures and establishing the school plan, and guiding the general alinement on which each school is drafting its workplan. CASTRO ADDRESS MARKS SCHOOL DEDICATION
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  • How else explain the alinement of the cubes behind the Keeper against the globes and pyramids remaining loyal to the will of the The Metal Monster
  • The school plan is the only educational plan and, as the alinement expressed it, the party organizations must assure the measures needed for its success. CASTRO ADDRESS MARKS SCHOOL DEDICATION
  • As soon as proper alinement and provisioning of the troops at Carlisle were assured, he would proceed to Williamsport, Fort Cumberland and Bedford. Washington

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