How To Use Algonquian language In A Sentence

  • Her efforts were successful, to the point that when she later met with people who spoke other Algonquian languages, such as Delaware, she found that they could understand each other. Nataly Kelly: A Language Comes Home for Thanksgiving
  • In Miami-Illinois, as in other Algonquian languages, vowel length is phonemic, that is, it is an absolute determining factor in the shape and meaning of words.
  • The film also shows how Jessie tapped into the work of other Algonquian languages as well as the Wampanoag corpus in order to reconstruct the grammar and build a dictionary and pedagogical materials for the language. Nataly Kelly: A Language Comes Home for Thanksgiving
  • In Algonquian languages, “cadie” is a suffix that means place, in combinations such as Tracadie, or Shubenacadie. Champlain's Dream
  • Algonquin, or Algonkin, denotes some of the nations who spoke Algonquian languages. Champlain's Dream
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  • Seeking to take the project further, Jessie applied for a research fellowship in 1996 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, where she worked with renowned scholars in Algonquian languages, including the late Ken Hale and Norvin Richards. Nataly Kelly: A Language Comes Home for Thanksgiving

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