Alexander Hamilton

  1. United States statesman and leader of the Federalists; as the first Secretary of the Treasury he establish a federal bank; was mortally wounded in a duel with Aaron Burr (1755-1804)
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How To Use Alexander Hamilton In A Sentence

  • Is there more snark in newspapers, on TV, and even on the internet than there was in the nineteenth century, when "scandalmonger" James Callender and a legion of lesser lights revealed the lurid details, many of them imagined, about Alexander Hamilton's sexual relationship with Maria Reynolds, a married woman, and Thomas Jefferson's child-producing rape of his slave, Sally Hemmings? Kevin Morris and Glenn Altschuler: Juvenal Delinquencies
  • In this very, very well written book, Ellis details the remarkable political turn-arounds of Madison and Jefferson as they inexorably created two-party politics in the new nation in response to the banker "take-over" of the Federalists led by their onetime Constitution favoring ally but now the archfiend Alexander Hamilton. Misogyny and Racism in America: Is it Lethal for Politics?
  • A fierce battle was fought between Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and his Congressional ally James Madison during the Washington Administration.
  • Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton was the master politician of the Federalist Party.
  • This is the year in which we will find out if there is an Alexander Hamilton somewhere among the euroland political and bureaucratic elite. Who is the Euro Zone's Alexander Hamilton?
  • Instead the programs associated with Alexander Hamilton introduced a system of mercantilism, discarding free trade in favor of tariff protection for manufactured goods.
  • The Zollverein, Friedrich List said, did away with more barriers to trade and national unity “than had been swept away by the political whirlwindsof the American and French Revolutions”—Edward Earl Meade, “Adam Smith, Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich List: The Economic Foundations of Military Power,” in Makers of Modern Strategy: Military Thought from Machiavelli to Hitler, ed. FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871
  • At dusk on 14 October, two 400-man columns, one French grenadiers and chasseurs, the other American light infantry under Alexander Hamilton, attacked two redoubts in advance of the main British line.
  • Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury
  • Even Alexander Hamilton, a prominent fellow Federalist, ripped into Adams, saying his defects of character made him unfit to hold office.
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