How To Use Alcazar In A Sentence

  • In the courtyard of the alcazar, he summoned Sancho Nunes and a half-dozen men-at-arms to attend him, mounted a charger and with Emigio Moniz at his side and the others following, he rode out across the draw-bridge into the open space that was thronged with the clamant inhabitants of the stricken city. The Historical Nights' Entertainment Second Series
  • There we celebrated Lacemaker's Day, participating in an homage for Enriqueta Alcazar Cuadra, a 91 year old lacemaker, pictured on page 20 with her pillow and beautiful work she is preparing as trim and insert for a set of sheets and pillow cases.
  • The building is enclosed by imperforate walls, a favourite device of Moneo's that reinterprets the traditional form of the Spanish alcazar.
  • Landing at Barcelona, Francis was taken to Madrid and lodged in the alcazar, under the most vigilant guard. Historical Tales - The Romance of Reality - Volume VII
  • With the fall of the caliphate in the early 11th century, power shifted to provincial centres and alcazars were built for local rulers, notably the Aljafería of Saragossa which dates from the 11th century.
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  • The ruins of a Moorish alcazar or citadel crown a rocky mound which rises out of the centre of the town. The Alhambra
  • A fortress first, the original structure was turned by Peter the Cruel, a lover of fine architecture, into a royal castle, or alcazar, as it was then called, the word being borrowed from the Arabic. Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 12, No. 28, July, 1873
  • The contest is quite glamorous and highly-esteemed, but that is because Alcazar's itself is the most famous kathoey cabaret in Thailand. Boing Boing: April 18, 2004 - April 24, 2004 Archives
  • And then he put steel to me, and forced me to come with him to his mountain alcazar, his huge palace.
  • On landing, the army hailed him as the true victor of Oran, a wave of acclamations following him as he advanced to the alcazar, where the keys of the fortress were put into his hands. Historical Tales - The Romance of Reality - Volume VII
  • Obviously, when Metalclad decided to re-open and expand the facilities in 1995, the citizens of Guadalcazar were altogether nonplussed.
  • Go for an early-evening drink at one of the many small restaurants, such as that at the Alcazar de la Reina hotel, where you can spend a happy hour or two in an inner-courtyard filled with plants and ancient artifacts. Seville, Spain: A Time Machine With Modern Charms
  • She was the breakout hit of the 2004 Whitney Biennial with a short film, "89 Seconds at Alcázar," that restaged Velázquez's 1656 masterpiece, "Las Meninas," using costumed actors. A Dystopian Film That Directs Itself
  • She began to wonder: if a video camera had been in that room at the Spanish royal palace, or alcazar, what would the stills that came before and after have looked like?
  • Strangely enough, it is very well worth doing, for, though it is even more factitiously Moorish than the Alcazar, it is of almost as great beauty and of greater dignity. Familiar Spanish Travels
  • No sooner were the arrests of Egmont and Horn known in Madrid, than Montigny was deprived of his liberty, and closely confined in the alcazar of The Rise of the Dutch Republic — Complete (1555-84)
  • Here we start from Mérida, where the Roman-Moorish 'alcazar' towers proudly yet. Life in Morocco and Glimpses Beyond
  • Now let your worships turn your eyes to that tower that appears there, which is supposed to be one of the towers of the alcazar of Saragossa, now called the now called the Aljaferia; that lady who appears on that balcony dressed in Moorish fashion is the peerless Melisendra, for many a time she used to gaze from thence upon the road to France, and seek consolation in her captivity by thinking of Paris and her husband. Don Quixote

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