How To Use Airsick In A Sentence

  • She later learned someone aboard the plan reported suspicious activity when one of the men used the bathroom while apparently getting airsick. Airport detainee says she was a victim of racial profiling
  • The human surgeon is equipped with an airsickness bag. Robot and human surgeons compare micro-gravity operating skills
  • He became airsick over Daggett.
  • We just landed in an open field in those days and there seemed to be just one shed for an airport, and we were all feeling a bit airsick because of this bumpy journey up.
  • During the last hundred kilometers I was starting to feel sick, but I kept telling myself don't worry you have never been airsick before so just keep flying and concentrate.
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  • Meanwhile, his brutal analysis of the airline's business is enough to make the shareholders feel airsick.
  • `Get your head out of the radarscope and you won't get airsick. CHAINS OF COMMAND
  • I wonder if they deliver with airsickness style bags, just incase the culinary adventure turns into a culinary disaster? Embark On A Rare Culinary Adventure With Edible | Impact Lab
  • Although George began training as a pilot, he had to give up because of airsickness.
  • There's no way I could keep him from getting airsick, but, since his flight suit was drenched before we strapped in the plane, I should've been alarmed.
  • I've worn saddle shoes, go-go boots, earth shoes (anyone else remember them?), airsick-making platforms and ankle twisting heels. Archive 2008-03-01
  • As on many other long flights, I had gotten slightly more than a little airsick.
  • The severity of my airsickness could have been avoided if I had spoken up sooner.
  • He must have wanted an airsickness bag when he looked at the leaderboard and saw 11 third-round scores under par, but not his. What a difference a year makes for Tiger at Open
  • The Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" is supposed to revolutionize air travel: better cabin climate, less airsickness, reduced jet lag, fewer headaches—and even babies that may not cry as much. How Dreamy Is the Dreamliner?
  • `Get your head out of the radarscope and you won't get airsick. CHAINS OF COMMAND
  • The aircrew in back took care of our airsick Marines.
  • Aside from one of us getting a little airsick, the flight to the Grand Canyon went smoothly.
  • If I'd known you were prone to airsickness, I'd have flown more slowly.
  • ‘My main qualification is that I don't get airsick,’ he says.
  • The most interesting thing about the flight was that Cisoux had airsickness.
  • Even the fun of watching the frigate fire her guns did not help my airsickness.
  • Meanwhile, London's Metro reported on a mildly nauseating edition to the royal-wedding souvenirs hitting the market: airsick bags. Kate's fashion reign continues
  • Her sister being airsick was such a winning point.
  • He was airsick again, leaning against her shoulder taking deep breaths; ears pinned back against his head.
  • He took me up on a flight around Dallas when I expressed interest in getting one myself, and that's when I learned that I get airsick on helicopters, too. "Come here. No, I won't say please."
  • I looked at the pocket in the seat in front of me and noted the exact location of the white tabs of my airsickness bag, sticking up from behind the airline magazines. Every little thing in the world
  • I was rummaging through my pocket in search of airsickness pills and looking down at the barren brownish plain, only occasionally dissected with dirt tracks.
  • We just landed in an open field in those days and there seemed to be just one shed for an airport, and we were all feeling a bit airsick because of this bumpy journey up from Djibouti.
  • It was very frightening, and the entire journey was complicated by the fact that my daughter was airsick all the way.
  • As this happened, Lilly didn't feel airsick anymore.
  • I am airsick, and when I asked a medic for airsickness pills he gave them to me, I took them, and then I became so sleepy it was unbearable.
  • Tally had never been airsick before, but now she clutched the seat restraints, her knuckles white and eyes fixed on the solid ground below. Scott Westerfeld: Uglies Quartet
  • This is always a possibility, as is the possibility of getting carsick or airsick.
  • I managed not to use the airsick bag, but it took a lot of willpower and some isometric exercises. Emerald City Abides | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment
  • It had been a rough flight with a lot of turbulence, and Dad got quite airsick. True Spirit
  • All that airsickness, all those pills I had to ingest to force sleep so that I would be rested for the next leg of my and all those tiresome passengers I had to appease, had been worth enduring to give my mother this gift. Carole Mallory: A Reunion And A Flirtation In Sixties Hong Kong
  • For 40 minutes, they gripped the sides of their mesh seats as the turboprop bucked and plunged over eastern Afghanistan until the sturdiest of them was airsick. U.S. adopts reintegration strategy to subdue Afghan insurgency
  • He also researched airsickness, and the effects of heat in the confined spaces of tanks and ships.
  • Some simulators ape the motions of flight faithfully enough to induce vertigo and airsickness. The Dream Machine
  • I felt airsick, which definitely is out of the ordinary.
  • The only time he ever got airsick was one morning when the flying conditions looked unpromising and, assuming that his flight would be scrapped, he “proceeded to power down on two big, huge breakfast burritos.” The Last Ace
  • These shameless airlines promos are starting to make us a little airsick.
  • After we landed, she was making a bit of a scene trying to get the stewardess to get her some water to take a tablet to help prevent her from feeling airsick.
  • After three hours of being in the air, Mark and Lilly got airsick.
  • I continued to climb down, making myself somewhat airsick in the process.

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