How To Use Agriculturalist In A Sentence

  • We have a wealth of committed agriculturalists in this area and I hope they stick with the job.
  • The death has occurred of Adam, protoplast, progenitor, park-keeper and agriculturalist. It is interesting that Sir George Young took the opportunity...
  • Yet pop, and indeed rock, blues, folk, jazz and prog, have served the musician, intermittent agriculturalist and salmon farmer well. Times, Sunday Times
  • Retailers continue to prove that agriculturalists work on their environmentalism every day.
  • The coexistence of cattle herders and agriculturalist in many areas carries a high potential for conflict.
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  • Like the vast majority of the world's agriculturalists, the farmers lived in a village apart from the farm.
  • Like other agriculturalists across the country, ranchers are usually land rich and cash poor.
  • My father-in-law was an agriculturalist. Globe and Mail
  • Recently, the new class of amateur agriculturalist has faced competition from professional farmers encouraged by higher cereal prices. Times, Sunday Times
  • In 2003, Dutch agriculturalist Marc de Ruiter saw dairy farmers in windswept Shanxi province literally pouring their milk down the drain because there was not enough demand.
  • The increases are quite remarkable, as most agriculturalists would be satisfied with any technology that could increase annual productivity by even one to two per cent.
  • Many of them rendered great service to the communities from which they came, returning as doctors or agriculturalists or scientists.
  • In the interlacustrine zone, trade between specialized agriculturalists and pastoralists led to the formation of new polities late in the period. D. East Africa
  • My article specifically discusses pre-agricultural people who made war and agriculturalists who did not.
  • Agriculturalists rate the impact on primary industries, hydrologists compare ground water levels, and sociologists define it on social expectations and perceptions.
  • An environmental center offers education courses to government officers, businesses, agriculturalists, school students and the public, and a news-sheet, radio and TV are used to publicise conservation. Uvs Nuur Basin, Russian Federation, Republic of Tuva and Mongolia
  • Two main streams developed; the hunter became herdsman and the gatherer became agriculturalist.
  • Steve is a fifth generation California agriculturalist and fourth generation cattle rancher, but his efforts extend far beyond his own fencerows.

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