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[ US /ˈæftɝəˌfɛkt/ ]
[ UK /ˈɑːftəɹɪfˌɛkt/ ]
  1. any result that follows its cause after an interval
  2. a delayed effect of a drug or therapy
    the drug had unexpected aftereffects
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How To Use aftereffect In A Sentence

  • All this... disintegration," she said, "is an aftereffect of the big bang. FATAL FLAW
  • Larkin, limited to 44 games last season because of a groin pull and a "sports hernia," is showing no aftereffects. - National League Central
  • The power of electricity or of galvanism wasn't as important as their galvanizing aftereffects, the startling fact that these effects staged the human as a radical dis-placement in the world. Introduction
  • The book is called Mendocino and Other Stories, and it consists of the short stories I wrote in graduate school and after, stories that cohered around certain themes -- the navigation of relationships, the aftereffects of loss. A conversation with Ann Packer, author of The Dive from Clausen's Pier
  • In summation, the Americans were suffering the natural aftereffects of a long war financed by debt and inflation, and exacerbated by the continuing circulation of inconvertible paper currency.
  • What sort of engineering wizardry could produce an item that could generate a nonthermal stunner that worked on almost any life-form with no major aftereffects and a thermal beam, useful for heating up rocks or cups of coffee when set on low and hot enough to cut through starship hulls on high and a deathray, leaving an unscorched corpse for relatives to weep over and a no-mess no-fuss hygieno-disintegrator, causing its victims to glow red and simply vanish, leaving behind no searing-hot clouds of remains, organic or otherwise? Creative Couplings
  • All this... disintegration," she said, "is an aftereffect of the big bang. FATAL FLAW
  • The doc says it's no worry 'cause it is a common aftereffect of rhinoplasty and should go away pretty soon.
  • the drug had unexpected aftereffects
  • To undergo a period especially of depression as an aftereffect of drug - taking.
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