How To Use Aforethought In A Sentence

  • THAT the author of the said work applied himself to his task in malice prepense and with wickedness aforethought; a fact which, your Dedicator contends, is sufficiently demonstrated, by his assuming the name of Quiz, which, your Dedicator submits, denotes a foregone conclusion, and implies an intention of quizzing. Sketches by Boz
  • Just so everyone is clear, this individual, who writes under the psuedonym of "rectifier", is advocating the premediated, cold-blooded murder of American citizens, with malice aforethought, after first laying in wait for those citizens, and enticing them into a trap. Walls of the city
  • Compare to — John (a Hitler worshipping skin head) premeditates, with malice aforethought, to kill Mark (a Jewish man), because he hates Jews. Waldo Jaquith - Point/counterpoint on hate-crime legislation.
  • We were able to take notes during this trial, and every single one of us, we just kind of bantered back and forth as far as this doctor said this, and that doctor said that, and slowly but surely, it came down to criminal intent and malice aforethought. CNN Transcript Feb 16, 2005
  • They sit somewhere, with malice aforethought, and coldly and calculatedly take someone's character apart.
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  • Gao Shengning concludes at this point, this is competitor plan, those who be aimed at health master the organization has aforethought crisis event.
  • It should be noted, however, that malice aforethought is a technical term whose meaning implies neither ill-will nor premeditation.
  • Although a lot of liberal pundits jumped on my speech at Orlando and said it showed I was a rhetorical hip-shooter who was recklessly and unconsciously provoking the Soviets into war, I made the “Evil Empire” speech and others like it with malice aforethought; I wanted to remind the Soviets we knew what they were up to. An American Life
  • I've never fancied chop suey, not since someone told me with malice aforethought that it's Chinese for `mixed bits '. KICK BACK
  • with malice aforethought
  • In order to aggrandize afresh their power, the powerful countries started aforethought aggression time and again.
  • It was said without any hard intent, she thought, without malice aforethought. THE SCAR
  • Webster's defines aforethought adequately, with a reference to the relevant legal term: ‘Premeditated; prepense; previously in mind; designed; as, malice aforethought, which is required to constitute murder.’
  • If we were at home, I wouldn't doubt it was made with malice aforethought. ABHORSEN
  • She would, with malice aforethought, stop a plow to send Sarah to a quilting, and then, the Captain's foot would come down in earnest, and he'd "wonder whether there was a woman in the world that wouldn't lose a crop to give her daughter a sugar-tit! Master William Mitten: or, A Youth of Brilliant Talents, Who Was Ruined by Bad Luck
  • For example, John (a Yankees fan) premeditates, with malice aforethought, to kill Mark (a Red Sox fan), because John is still angry about the 2004 ALCS. Waldo Jaquith - Point/counterpoint on hate-crime legislation.
  • On a lunch-time it's never been easier to walk up the Shambles and its lying-in-wait cobbles since the early hours of the morning when balance aforethought may have been slightly influenced by a few tipsy tinctures.
  • The forwarder is an attorney-in-training who knowingly and with (quite literally) malice aforethought disclosed private correspondence in order to damage an ex-friend’s reputation. The Volokh Conspiracy » Caution About Sending E-Mails — and About Trust
  • If malice aforethought is lacking the unlawful homicide will be manslaughter.
  • If the avenger of blood pursues him, they must not surrender the one accused, because he killed his neighbor unintentionally and without malice aforethought.

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