How To Use Aerialist In A Sentence

  • Someone I know can't go to the circus, because watching the aerialists gives her vertigo.
  • And how could you not pay attention to latex lingerie by Atsuko Kudo, lace looks by Carine Gilson and aerialists wearing Seven Bar's Y panty, a G-string with a heart-shaped knot at the center, flying through Cipriani 42nd Street. Lingerie
  • The circus aerialists perform, hanging from the top of the building, twisting through silver hoops and bright red ribbon.
  • She previously worked as a stunt aerialist, hanging from a flying airplane by her teeth.
  • The festival is a training ground for aerialists, now in its third year, and has well exceeded expectations.
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  • There are trapeze artists, clowns, aerialists and the like, but there are other, darker elements.
  • In 2009, director James Marsh won an Academy Award for "Man on Wire," which told the story of Philippe Petit, an anti-authoritarian aerialist who in 1974 walked from one Twin Tower to the other on a tightrope. The Short List
  • This physically elastic and histrionically pliable performer is as acrobatic on a stage as an aerialist under the big top.
  • FRAZIER: And from the pictures we're looking at of the crown now and the torch, you can see that not only is the aerialist or parasailor or paraglider down off the balcony, which is composed of the ring of the torch, but so is equipment. CNN Transcript Aug 23, 2001
  • ‘The sky is my domain,’ the self-taught aerialist explains in charmingly fractured English.
  • The aerialists perform in ways unheard of a generation ago.
  • Inch by inch, the aerialist in the red flamenco outfit edges her way up a tightrope.
  • One of the shows we attended was a spectacle complete with Olympic-calibre aerialists, gymnasts and dancers.
  • He's a remarkable person, he's more than just an aerialist.
  • He is a cat-like aerialist; he dives out over the audience, hanging on with only his feet.
  • That ride isn't even the most ostentatious of the night, an honour that belongs to the aerialist who travels the length of one side of the stadium hidden in a balloon apparently from Roswell before emerging in a Tron-style outfit to delight patrons in the stands with some close up acrobatics on the return journey, Drummer Dom Howard and bassist Chris Wolstenholme enjoy their own trip on the platform mid-set as they riff and roll while Bellamy fetches his hybrid "keytar" for Undisclosed Desires. Londonist
  • Performed by two aerialists high on towers, it is a tale of friendship shattered when two young women find themselves on different sides in a civil war.
  • Now, while it seems forever when you are in the air, an aerialist is actually airborne for about three seconds -- as compared to the top basketball players, who are airborne for one. Nikki Stone: Focus: A Lesson Learned in Front of the World
  • An aerialist twists and plummets on white drapes.
  • The husband-and-wife team, are professionally trained aerialists who met during a street performers festival.
  • The video's an aerialist on a rope, and she's just swinging.
  • Hummingbirds are the most adept aerialists of all birds and the only ones capable of sustained hovering.
  • We are all very aware that this is a dance festival performance, so we aren't thinking of ourselves as aerialists.
  • The proprietor, Val, has put together a site that should please any aficionado of mammalian aerialists.
  • The musical has also incurred citations for labor safety violations after several performers were injured on set last year; one aerialist was hospitalized for serious injuries after a reported 30-foot fall. 'SPIDER-MAN' SPINS NEW COURSE: New creative team, summer opening announced [UPDATED]
  • The hula hooper was named Aerial Emery—her mother was an aerialist, she said, and that's how she got her name—and she is currently majoring in hula hooping at clown college in Quebec. Paradise in White and Blue
  • That woman was Lina Tcherjazova, an extremely talented aerialist from Uzbekistan. Nikki Stone: Focus: A Lesson Learned in Front of the World
  • The aerialists were breathtaking as they spun and danced through the air, and twisted their bodies around ribbons of cloth hanging down from the ceiling.
  • I think I'm doing this series of posts on images of trapeze artists/tightrope walkers because the word "aerialist" is so cool. Lucas Gonze's blog
  • The skill of stitchery is developed as the kids sew the likes of the ‘Wily Wire Walker’ and the ‘Amazing Aerialist.’
  • This physically elastic and histrionically pliable performer is as acrobatic on a stage as an aerialist under the big top.
  • Deadman, known as aerialist Boston Brand before Rama Kushna a character lifted from Hinduism's divine spirit Wired Top Stories
  • By the time last week's incident unfolded - in which dancer/aerialist Christopher Tierney fell when his harness malfunctioned -- the perfect storm for a moral panic had been set. Barbie Zelizer: Let Broadway's Spider Man Finish What It Started
  • Jean Francois Gravelet, aka Charles Blondin, was considered to be one of the greatest funambulists (aerialists/tightrope-walkers) of all time.
  • Freestyle skiing aerialist Eric Bergoust: Hitting a nice takeoff is a lot like hitting a nice drive in golf. - Athletes the world over in awe of Woods
  • The German aerialist submerges his half-naked body in a bathtub filled with water then propels himself up a rope to fly, twist and spurt water.
  • Just put it on, the whole gallimaufry - the clowns and critters, the acrobats and aerialists - with as much pizazz as possible.
  • The pioneer aerialist and outspoken activist is now aligned with the Santa Cruz program.

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