How To Use Adventuresome In A Sentence

  • The director known for his gritty, urban crime capers has ordered Robert to play the role in a more "adventuresome" style as they shoot in Manchester - Celebrity news headlines
  • For the less adventuresome, normally there are bus tours or supervised shopping excursions in the local port.
  • The group had a most enjoyable and somewhat adventuresome day trip on Wednesday when they set out on their tour along the scenic Wexford coastline.
  • the risks and gains of an adventuresome economy
  • He liked to talk about his rouet (ph), that is men worthy of being broken on the wheel, they were so immoral, but there ` s a new tone to society, not just of libertinism but of pleasure-seeking, and a kind of adventuresome spirit in taking intellectual risks. George Washington�s False Teeth: An Unconventional Guide to the Eighteenth Century
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  • There's the perceived threat of terrorist attacks, the continued loss of civil liberties in the West and especially in the US, the possible disruption of oil supplies, and at some point that "piper" waiting to be repaid for years of financial profligacy in the US to fund all the "adventuresomeness" and excess stimulus to keep the economy humming. What the price of gold may be telling us
  • This month, we have a new story from Carrie Richerson, about a very unusual construction project with a very demanding client; two new “Billy” stories from Terry Bisson (and the promise of more); a ghost story from Albert E. Cowdrey; a new Kedrigern yarn from John Morressy; a complex and adventuresome tale from R. Garcia y Robertson; and a new story from former slush survivor Jeremy Minton, which is just as good as, if not better than, the story he broke into print with. John Joseph Adams » 2005 » December
  • Earle's audience is a combination of alt-country, Texas fans who have stayed with him on his eccentric ride, roots rockers, and adventuresome folkies.
  • I quickly found out that Robby was a very adventuresome kisser. Love, Death and Doughnut Holes « A Fly in Amber
  • All in all being a parking valet is interesting, fun and full of surprises - I would recommend it to anyone with an adventuresome spirit.
  • They see you as bold and adventuresome, someone who will try anything once; someone who takes chances and enjoys an adventure.
  • James always had his sights set firmly on conquering the mountain and prior to the climb the spirited and adventuresome youngster trained for five weeks in the Commeragh mountains.
  • When we're at our most adventuresome, that's when we produce our best music.
  • There was energy, a certain adventuresomeness about the day. Extra! Extra!
  • I am not adventuresome when it comes to trying new foods, but Jerry tried pretty well everything.
  • Still, for adventuresome lads like Jack, the exotic destination was a boyhood dream come true, and Patagonia's star-filled sky a path to independence from the strictures of their homelands.
  • The contents are similarly sweet, gloriously adventuresome pop crafted with astonishing ambition and proficiency, even while being loopily sloppy and self-referential.
  • He was raised in Lynchburg, Virginia and even as a child had an adventuresome spirit.
  • They were willing to take chances, and were extremely supportive and adventuresome.
  • He felt a longing for the extraordinary, for the original, for the adventuresomeness of artistic youth; and political master of a county, heir of a feudal dominion virtually, he nevertheless would read the name of any writer or painter whatsoever with the superstitious respect of a rustic churl. The Torrent Entre Naranjos
  • At these times, she feels fearless, adventuresome, and ‘triumphant’.
  • While I still think detailed mechanics for fighting can be done right and still have a "adventuresome" feel to them, there is nothing better suited to killing the sense of heroic adventure than having a vital artery severed and find your PC slowly bleeding out, or a blow to the knee that cripples your PC for months. GROGNARDIA
  • My name's John and I'm a 20 year old Boston native with a great sense of humor and an adventuresome spirit.
  • Even with its sails furled, the craft had a romantic, adventuresome look. THE MYSTERY OF THE CHINESE JUNK
  • The small cheese maker will never command a huge market share, but he or she will still capture the attention of some of the country's most loyal cheese-lovers and adventuresome eaters.
  • If you have an adventuresome spirit and a passion for the sea, then this is the trip for you!
  • All of them have genuine interest of plot, a hearty, breezy spirit of youth and adventuresomeness which will captivate the special audience they are addressed to, and will also charm older people. Cinderella And Other Stories
  • Every day was exciting and adventuresome.
  • The word has reasserted the romantic, courageous quality that the poet Keats, in “Endymion,” gave it: “Adventuresome, I send/My herald thought into a wilderness.” No Uncertain Terms
  • For the adventuresome, there's some off-road driving in store along the rugged mountain trails - a chance to see if this sports utility vehicle really lives up to its name.
  • As a boy, Dall regularly ventured far on foot and bicycle, and that adventuresome spirit has remained with him.
  • Shane Ratliff, a median kind of guy with a median Ruby, South Carolina income of 40 k a year, more or less, was "free to choose" without the benefit of Lesar's extra $39,960,000 as a disincentive to "adventuresome" living. Kerry Candaele: On Class And Corruption
  • Our solidarity, adventuresomeness and aplomb are the acknowledgment to the blackmail of terror ", it was hosted by actress-activist Nandita Das and directed by one-film old Feroz Abbas Khan. The News is - The News is Now Public
  • James always had his sights set firmly on conquering the mountain and prior to the climb the spirited and adventuresome youngster trained for five weeks in the Commeragh mountains.
  • We felt that every element of danger was eliminated by the coolness and dexterity of our conductors, yet the sense of hazard and adventuresomeness was there! The Roof of France
  • Needless to say, button sewing wasn't adventuresome enough for him, and he left me home alone to finish my task.
  • After 44 adventuresome years living and working in New York City, I returned to rural Clarksville, Tennessee, my hometown, to care for my ailing parents.
  • This movie has all the earmarks of a great premise that was dumbed down to appeal to an increasingly less adventuresome multiplex audience.
  • This is but one of many times that judicial "adventuresome" rulings actually make sense. 365 Gay News
  • The very opposite of the girl who is misunderstood and undervalued because of her shyness, is the girl who, because of her boldness and independence, her carelessness of speech, hilarity and adventuresomeness is misunderstood. The Girl and Her Religion
  • Though he was now becoming interested in them, at the time animals and birds had not seemed adventuresome. A PLAGUE OF ANGELS
  • In a way, you could say this thrill seeker is also following his father's adventuresome footsteps - his dad once maneuvered a motor boat from Venezuela to Miami.
  • Obviously the participating museum directors and curators are more adventuresome than most.
  • Nothing to adventuresome except for once in a while when my mother brought home fresh crab or a coconut. Weird Foods « Colleen Anderson
  • But sometimes puppies get into mischief that's more risky than amusing, and this adventuresome spirit can spell danger.
  • Many aspects of her life are adventuresome, from her exciting career aboard research vessels, to her passion for mountain climbing. Women share their tales of triumph in Sarah Brokaw's new book: 'Fortytude'
  • The martial spirit of Pandita Hutuktu was very unwelcome to the Council of Lamas, who protested against the adventuresomeness of this "Living God. Beasts, Men and Gods
  • I think courage, intellectual adventuresomeness ... The Justice from Beacon Hill
  • Needless to say, button sewing wasn't adventuresome enough for him, and he left me home alone to finish my task.
  • Employers think, here's a person who is adventuresome, intelligent and probably creative.
  • But this is just one of many adventuresome elements of visiting Rasputin, a "Supper Club on a Grand Scale" on Coney Island Avenue. The Real Parties of Brighton Beach
  • Websites of PacoJet buffs try to outdo themselves with bizarre flavor possibilities: bacon, cheese, sardines and caviar have all been turned into ice cream by adventuresome owners. The $4,000 Ice Cream Maker
  • And yet questions continue to arise, questions that conspire to keep even the most adventuresome gadabout from entering the enchanted world of mechanized canine conveyance.
  • But sometimes puppies get into mischief that's more risky than amusing, and this adventuresome spirit can spell danger.

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