1. describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of
    sketch the outline of the book
    outline his ideas
  2. give to understand
    I insinuated that I did not like his wife
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How To Use adumbrate In A Sentence

  • In Clarke's Childhood's End, for example, the promised escape into godhood is only adumbrated, as the Union with Overmind served by the Overlords might be interpreted to be psychic rather than supernatural, and evolution rather than Gnosis is the mechanism. MIND MELD: Gods by the Bushel
  • Freshly out of rehab, Quirke begins drinking again and frankly, one can't blame him – there's his grim childhood on top of the daughter business (adumbrated here but detailed in the first two books), plus the fact that Dublin in the 50s was small-minded and stifling as well as foggy and soggy. Laura Wilson's crime fiction choice - review
  • One of those dead afternoons, adumbrated, slumberous: not a customer in view. LEARNING TO TALK: SHORT STORIES
  • And Reeve nails the problem with market-led concepts of desert only to adumbrate an alternative that is equally infelicitous.
  • The slow movement ‘Aria,’ finely adumbrated by pizzicato bass at the scherzo's end, is a grave conversation among the string sections and their principals.
  • These considerations adumbrate the argument for the secondary role of consent in the justification of authority.
  • This is an auteur who works from deep within herself to establish a mood, adumbrate a design, build a tempo, and intimate an idea.
  • In this chapter, however, we want to adumbrate the principal features of the continuum view of non-linear viscoelasticity.
  • V. Quine argued against when he took himself to be arguing against the typical possibilist realism (Quine 1976), and it is arguably the view many possible-worlds theorists adumbrated, however vaguely and amorphously, as the representative possibilist realist theory before Lewis forcefully articulated his own version. Possible Objects
  • You're standing on a high cliff, chopped off and adumbrated by the heaving green of the sea.
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