[ UK /ˌædmənˈɪʃən/ ]
[ US /ˌædməˈnɪʃən/ ]
  1. a firm rebuke
  2. cautionary advice about something imminent (especially imminent danger or other unpleasantness)
    a letter of admonition about the dangers of immorality
    his final word of advice was not to play with matches
    the warning was to beware of surprises
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How To Use admonition In A Sentence

  • So, while not disavowing the memo should your Democratic staff on the select committee be taking that as a straightforward admonition?
  • The draft reflects a similar innocence about how the media operate, while presuming to call shots and issue admonitions and injunctions in an often condescending way.
  • Some traditional interpreters see this as a stern admonition - this is a loose woman, and she had better change her ways.
  • ELLIS HIXOM, with charge to meet him at such a river though the Master knew well the Captain's toothpike: yet by reason of his admonition and caveat [warning] given him at parting, he (though he bewrayed no sign of distrusting the Cimaroon) yet stood as amazed, lest something had befallen our Captain otherwise than well. Sir Francis Drake Revived
  • Serving as an admonition to all ladies and gentlewomen, not to mock or scorne gentlemen-Schollers, when they make meanes of love to them: Except they intend to seeke their owne shame, by disgracing them The Decameron
  • When, after a long wait, and little suspecting what was going to be said to me, I was received in audience, it appeared that I had been summoned to receive a polite but decided admonition against wounding the susceptibilities of my listeners by expressions which were not “good form,” and when I, unconscious of wrongdoing, asked which expression she alluded to, the unfortunate word “beslobber” was alleged; my young hearers were not Recollections Of My Childhood And Youth
  • An Admonition of Warning to England comprises twenty-four rhyming couplets in alternating lines of iambic hexameter and heptameter.
  • The most common parental admonition must surely be "Don't stay out late".
  • Kruger reprised banal images from the Eisenhower years, threw such admonitional captions as we don't need another hero, and presented her large, crisp montages in striking combinations of black, white and red. Graphic Content
  • To say that such admonitions are a means to preserve those from apostasy who are by other means (as suppose the absolute decree of God, or the interposal of his irresistible power for their perseverance, or the like) in no possibility of apostatizing, is to say that washing is a means to make snow white, or the rearing up of a pillar in the air a means to keep the heavens from falling. The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed
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