How To Use Administrivia In A Sentence

  • As an old part organ played a great role in our long - time Administrivia propagandize enterprise.
  • This is often affiliated with "administrivia" needless paperwork and processes. November 16th, 2006
  • he sets policy and leaves all the administrivia to his assistant
  • Experience tells me, though, that learners certainly opt out of various media when they're poorly chosen (inappropriate for the learning), poorly implemented (talking down, lecturing, fatuous), or poorly administered (mindless administrivia, useless recordkeeping, or mandatory sheep-dip). Same old story
  • En plus du Website Pro Day, je propose de tenir début janvier le World Wide Paperwork and Administrivia Day, consacré à régler ces histoires de paperasses j'ai des tas de quittances à trier et à envoyer à ma comptable, par exemple une fois pour toutes. World Wide Paperwork and Administrivia Day (WoWiPAD) and Website Pro Day (WPD) — Climb to the Stars
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  • Yet, what constrains the function from getting respected in most organizations is a focus on being good at "administrivia," and not "the more important strategic role of raising the reputational and intellectual capital of the company.
  • You have to have lawyers and accountants to make sure you have lived up to all the local, regional, state and national "administrivia" that is required of you. Ten Questions For Mark Cuban
  • What's also awesome is that doing administrivia makes you an administratrix true word! One Bright Star (1B*) Reignited
  • If it's any comfort, the word administrivia is awesome. One Bright Star (1B*) Reignited
  • But if you don’t want to flounder in administrivia Women Grow Business » The Small Business Punt and How To Fix It (Hint: Laziness Makes You Work Too Hard)

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