[ US /ədˈmɪnəstɝ/ ]
[ UK /ɐdmˈɪnɪstɐ/ ]
  1. give or apply (medications)
  2. perform (a church sacrament) ritually
    administer the last unction
  3. administer or bestow, as in small portions
    dole out some money
    the machine dispenses soft drinks
    administer critical remarks to everyone present
    deal a blow to someone
    shell out pocket money for the children
  4. direct the taking of
    administer an exam
    administer an oath
  5. work in an administrative capacity; supervise or be in charge of
    she administers the funds
    administer a program
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How To Use administer In A Sentence

  • Six years later, one of the federal agencies that administers the program calls it a flop.
  • When the matador realises the bull is weak and unable to charge much longer he will reach for his killing sword and seek to manoeuvre it directly in front of him with its head down, so that he can administer the death stroke.
  • The country was administered by the British until very recently.
  • BDC is currently conducting a Phase two placebo-controlled proof of concept study with the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitor, etanercept, epidurally administered to a minimum of 40 patients with sciatica. THE MEDICAL NEWS
  • The helicopter then touches down so that the same man, known as a mugger, can dash in and use a syringe to administer a mild sedative to the animal. Craigdailypress.com stories
  • The "smart" in "smart underwear" refers to the fact that the printed sensors will be incorporated into logic-based biocomputing systems that will monitor biomarkers found in human sweat and tears, make autonomous diagnoses, and administer drugs. PhysOrg.com - latest science and technology news stories
  • The foundation that administering a mechanism is company network cooperation assures with what realize synergism.
  • she used an eye dropper to administer medication to the eyes
  • Cervical vertebra coping, of the belt headache. Left prothorax aches, it is how to return a responsibility, what disease be? How to administer?
  • They may also administer intravenous antihistamines and cortisone to reduce inflammation of your air passages and improve your breathing.
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