How To Use Actomyosin In A Sentence

  • It has been recognized that various NTPs have different affinities for actomyosin, and myosins complexed with these NTPs or their products have different affinities for actin.
  • Originally, this force was attributed to an actomyosin system similar to muscle.
  • When muscles contract, electrical impulses cause the two proteins to slide past each other and bond, forming a complex molecule known as actomyosin, shortening and holding the position.
  • We have a worm whose body wall is a collagenous membrane and whose engine is the muscle protein actomyosin.
  • The lower slope could indicate a stronger actomyosin bond in the slower muscle.
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  • This behavior is consistent with the idea that a small amount of rigorlike, stereospecific actomyosin complexes are formed as a result of normal contractile activity.
  • The proposed mechanism for breakage of the actomyosin cortex may be used for cell polarization.
  • We presented evidence implicating actin polymerization and not actomyosin activity as the dominant mechanism actuating the stiffening response.
  • The lower actomyosin content of immature fibers compared to mature adult skeletal muscle fibers may account for this observation.

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