[ US /ˈækt/ ]
[ UK /ˈækt/ ]
  1. be engaged in an activity, often for no particular purpose other than pleasure
  2. be suitable for theatrical performance
    This scene acts well
  3. discharge one's duties
    In what capacity are you acting?
    She acts as the chair
  4. have an effect or outcome; often the one desired or expected
    The medicine works only if you take it with a lot of water
    This method doesn't work
    The breaks of my new car act quickly
    The voting process doesn't work as well as people thought
    How does your idea work in practice?
  5. pretend to have certain qualities or state of mind
    She plays deaf when the news are bad
    He acted the idiot
  6. perform on a stage or theater
    He acted in `Julius Caesar'
    She acts in this play
    I played in `A Christmas Carol'
  7. perform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
    think before you act
    The nanny acted quickly by grabbing the toddler and covering him with a wet towel
    We must move quickly
    The governor should act on the new energy bill
  8. behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself
    You should act like an adult
    The dog acts ferocious, but he is really afraid of people
    What makes her do this way?
    Don't behave like a fool
  9. play a role or part
    She wants to act Lady Macbeth, but she is too young for the role
    Gielgud played Hamlet
    She played the servant to her husband's master
  10. behave unnaturally or affectedly
    She's just acting
  1. a short performance that is part of a longer program
    she had a catchy little routine
    it was one of the best numbers he ever did
    he did his act three times every evening
  2. a subdivision of a play or opera or ballet
  3. something that people do or cause to happen
  4. a manifestation of insincerity
    he put on quite an act for her benefit
  5. a legal document codifying the result of deliberations of a committee or society or legislative body
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How To Use act In A Sentence

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