1. (Greek mythology) a river in Hades across which the souls of the dead were carried by Charon
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How To Use Acheron In A Sentence

  • Acheron'the sound of the word roused instinctive vibrations of memory and associations in his mind. The Hour of the Dragon
  • '- And at the last, O Prince, there came to pass that which all the plots of Ascalante the Rebel had failed to bring about, and for which the grim shade of Xaltotun was conjured in vain from the mouldering dust of his Acherontic tomb, and which even the hell-spawned sorceries of Yah Chieng, the Yellow Wizard of nighted and demon-ridden Khitai, failed to accomplish; and Conan of Aquilonia gave over the crown and the throne of the mightiest kingdom of all the West, and ventured forth into the Unknown, wherein he vanished forever from the knowledge of man.' Conan Of The Isles
  • It had prevailed for more than a year since the last attempt of the king of Nemedia, aided by the revived Acheronian wizard Xaltotun, to wrest the kingdom from Conan. Conan the Avenger
  • Acheron, he justled, bulled, and lastauriated in one day the third part of the world, beasts and people, floods and mountains; that was Europa. Five books of the lives, heroic deeds and sayings of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel
  • Acheronian ... dark and dismal, after the river Acheron The Volokh Conspiracy » Rivers and¬†Words:
  • In the mean time you can check out sample Acheronian Dirge tracks via the band's official MySpace page. Metal
  • The upstart king is dead and gone; our former monarch now is prince, having made his way even from the bourn of Acheron. Heracles
  • Beleeve me Sir, the journey is over-farre for mee to undertake, but if it were neerer; I could affoord to goe in your Company; onely to see how they make these Macherones, and to fill my belly with them. The Decameron
  • She did not care to dwell too long on what these Acheronian carvings might mean. Conan and The Mists of Door
  • in the depths of an Acheronian forest
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