How To Use Acephalous In A Sentence

  • During the late nineteenth century in societies ranging from the acephalous to interlacustrine kingdoms, senior men bolstered their authority through a monopoly of access to locally brewed beer.
  • Whereas most large centralized states surrendered after an initial confrontation and defeat, certain small, and also acephalous, polities kept up a long drawn-out military struggle against alien rule.
  • John: another of their great exchanges (about then Brave Jeff Francoeur) was preserved here at blog I can't link to, but if you Google "Hernandez awkward introductions acephalous" you can find it. keith hernandez and his dog, duncan The Anti-Homers
  • For ourselves, are bound to confess that we never had the honour of meeting with this megacephalous gentleman, nor did we ever encounter any one who professed to have seen him, otherwise we would certainly have reported the case to the Phrenological Society. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 62, No. 382, October 1847
  • The resistance is largely decentralised, localised and acephalous.
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  • acephalous worms
  • A clumsy affair called a catamaran, the acephalous ancestor of the torpedo, was expected to relieve the sea of some thousands of people who had no business there. Springhaven
  • Lastly, just for fun, on a blog I recently discovered called Acephalous even the name cracks me up, a collaborative noir novel, blog-style. Archive 2008-01-01
  • On the one hand, by providing formerly acephalous societies with formal leaders and symbols of legitimate (that is, VOC-enforced) authority, the company managed to integrate these societies into a greater chain of command: Elders commanded villages, governor commanded elders, governor-general commanded governor, etc. How Taiwan Became Chinese
  • Sierra Leone was the object of similar plunder, leaving an acephalous state in rampant disorder only to be stabilised by British Tommies.
  • The innuendo was that female rule, if insufficiently ‘godly’, was not sacral monarchy, but was tantamount to minority or acephalous rule.
  • Thus the design may sometimes appear acephalous and at other times polycephalous (Hydra-headed).
  • The project could be described as an acephalous horde, in which there may be some person with more influence than others, but where everything is agreed in direct communication.
  • The state had been erected upon lessons learned through centuries trying to maintain peace within an insular acephalous tribal society with a penchant for infighting and was most functional when it resembled a "loose" confederation in which legislative and judicial powers were pushed down to the local level - a concept analogous to America's states' rights. Michael Hughes: Afghanistan Corrupted by U.S. and 30 Years of Foreign Meddling
  • Reflecting the primacy of kinship bonds, tribes are resolutely egalitarian, segmental, and acephalous - to use terms favored by anthropologists.
  • This excerpt sums up the modus operandi of a rogue vice presidency in an at-times acephalous executive branch: William E. Jackson Jr.: The Vices of Cheney: The Burden is Upon the House Judiciary Committee
  • From such a perspective, the acephalous Igbo and their neighbors were on the receiving end of artistic innovation.

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