How To Use Acentric chromosome In A Sentence

  • A V-shaped metacentric chromosome has two arms: 10 metacentric chromosomes would have a total of 20 arms. Trout and Salmon of North America
  • However, not all acentric chromosomes and dicentric chromosomes/centric rings were converted to MNi and NPB respectively, depending on the dose of radiation.
  • Further, the products of crossovers between inverted repeats may lead to dicentric and acentric chromosomes that often cannot be transmitted to the next generation.
  • Micronuclei are acentric chromosome fragments or whole chromosomes that are left behind during mitotic cellular division and appear in the cytoplasm of interphasic cells as small additional nuclei.
  • Also excluded are exchanges that would generate dicentric or acentric chromosomes, such as exchanges that may occur between rDNA subunits lying in opposite orientation.
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  • In metaphase, chromatid fragments are attached to the homologous area of the sister chromatid while acentric chromosome fragments are apart from their chromosome of origin.
  • Micronuclei may originate from an acentric chromosome fragment or whole chromosomes lost from the metaphase plate and provide therefore a measure of both chromosome breakage and chromosome loss.
  • Note that almost all metacentric and submetacentric chromosomes have split at the centromere into two daughter units.
  • Six structurally acentric chromosomes were generated from the irradiation of Dp 238, supporting the findings of a previous study.
  • This classification method uses anti-kinetochore antibody staining to identify the presence of kinetochore protein associated with the centromeres of chromosomes or its absence from acentric chromosome fragments.
  • Micronuclei may originate from acentric chromosome fragments or whole chromosomes lagging behind during cell division.
  • an acentric chromosome fragment
  • They are formed by acentric chromosome fragments or whole chromosomes which are not incorporated into daughter nuclei during cell division.
  • a metacentric chromosome
  • Micronuclei can arise from acentric chromosome fragments or whole chromosomes that have not been incorporated in the main nuclei at cell division.
  • The X, Y, and autosomes are indicated as rod-shaped acrocentric, J-shaped submetacentric, and metacentric chromosomes, respectively.

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