How To Use Acculturation In A Sentence

  • Generally speaking, the models of acculturation may be divided into assimilation, integration, separation and marginalization.
  • Among the psychosocial variables, both enculturation and acculturation did not have any significant effect on the internalizing problems.
  • ‘But it's not the be-all, end-all,’ he says, adding that language usage and length of residence are vital factors in determining the level of acculturation.
  • Many of the earliest kindergartens in the United States served the purpose of easing the acculturation of newly arrived immigrant children.
  • The concept of acculturative stress refers to stress in which the stressors are identified as being rooted in the process of cultural change or acculturation. Environmental change and social, cultural, and mental health in the Arctic
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  • Some of these studies have focused on acculturative stress and affect, and are therefore potentially relevant to the direct link between acculturation and occupational satisfaction, in our model.
  • Based on theoretical interests in family socialization, acculturation, ethnic identity and ethnic self-images, a developmental perspective was deemed appropriate.
  • It was found that adolescents' level of acculturation and acculturative stress did not appear to have a significant influence on their problem behaviors.
  • Classification schemes or typologies that use acculturation and indicators of family functioning may prove to be useful screening mechanisms for guiding prenatal care intervention strategies.
  • So thorough is the American acculturation to the glory of war and the uprightness of nation that even unimpeachable evidence of atrocities is insufficient to break through the hegemonic facade. Randall Amster: WikiLessons: War Is a Joke, But It Isn't Funny
  • Because of its emphasis on universalism and on acculturation within the host societies, Reform was unsympathetic, even hostile, towards the Zionist movement.
  • Acculturation theory was partially supported by the finding that assimilation tendencies are linked to finding full employment.
  • Indeed, herein lies an immigrant's tale of acculturation: Mayonnaise was entirely foreign to first-generation Jewish-American homemakers.
  • Then the author proves the strategies and tactics for acculturation and its construction measures.

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