[ UK /ɐksˌɛləɹˈændə‍ʊ/ ]
  1. a gradually increasing tempo of music
    my ear will not accept such violent accelerandos
  1. with increasing speed
    here you must play accelerando
  1. (music) gradually increasing in tempo
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How To Use accelerando In A Sentence

  •   She uses fat marching sticks, her hands arthritic, weightless flam paradiddle-diddles tossed off left and right, her accelerando poised and controlled. Moe Tucker
  • The plonking accordion-driven sections of Radio / Video lull the listener into a false sense of security, before the band once again whip themselves up into a tense accelerando before ‘rocking out’ to a glorious crescendo.
  • I suggested stringendo applied to all the strings, while accelerando was just for the cellos.
  • On the other hand, the Accelerando Series is a useful supplement to piano instruction for the elementary pianist of any age.
  • That was always fascinating to me, like the long accelerando in the final variation of Elgar's Enigma that I eventually recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, easy to take a little too quick and find you have to put the brakes on.
  •   I'm fine with left-handed flam paradiddle-diddles because I'm right-handed, but Mrs. Karash expects me to alternate left and right, and to accelerando, until I'm playing flam paradiddle-diddles fast like syncopated rolls. Moe Tucker
  • He was barely ten yards behind the piper's trail, and the song, now with an accelerando, broke into a jig.
  • The music of commerce would thus be harmonious and evenly paced, its dynamics restrained; there would be no swelling crescendo of the Boom, no cacophonous accelerando to the climax and no minor key diminuendo thereafter into the Bust.
  • _Accelerando_, _affrettando_ [Transcriber's Note: Corrected misspelling "affretando" in original] (this term implies some degree of excitement also), _stringendo_, _poco a poco animato_. Music Notation and Terminology
  •   Finally, I get the flam paradiddle-diddles going and I begin my accelerando. Moe Tucker
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