[ US /ˈæbdʒɛkt/ ]
  1. showing utter resignation or hopelessness
    abject surrender
  2. most unfortunate or miserable
    abject poverty
    the most abject slaves joined in the revolt
  3. of the most contemptible kind
    a low stunt to pull
    a scummy rabble
    his miserable treatment of his family
    abject cowardice
    a scurvy trick
    a low-down sneak
    You miserable skunk!
  4. showing humiliation or submissiveness
    an abject apology
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How To Use abject In A Sentence

  • You can't have a show called Politically Incorrect and then abjectly apologize for not being PC.
  • Another (even greater) problem was that she was unwilling to submit to her dictates or prostrate herself in abject submission.
  • The attempt ended in abject failure.
  • Trojans turned in an abject performance to crash to their heaviest defeat in over four years.
  • The Vera Icon clearly shows the humiliation and abjection of the incarnate Christ.
  • And no wonder after this abject display from City. The Sun
  • Unless looks deceive so convincingly, he does not look indigent and like someone in state of abject poverty; more like a man in full control of his bearing, faculties and appearance.
  • The struggle between abundance and abjection is an age-old story that has left physical and psychic scars on the watery landscape of the Delta.
  • The former dictator, a palace-dwelling billionaire, was the picture of bedraggled abjectness: mouth forced open, eyes staring glassily.
  • To dismiss the cause of integration, even through complacency, is to condemn the abject to the continuance of the system. Racebending and Integration
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