1. as known or named at another time or place
    Mr. Smith, alias Mr. Lafayette
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How To Use a.k.a. In A Sentence

  • Fats render at one temp, water evaporates at another, collagens melt at another, sugar caramelizes at another, the Maillard reaction (a.k.a. browning of proteins) occurs at another, and carbonization (a.k.a. charring or burning) occurs at yet another temp. Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn: The Most Important BBQ Concept For Backyard Cooks
  • Best of all, the mouthpiece of the U.S. administration — a.k.a. the New York Times — is writing that Mr. Obama has abandoned the goal of a denuclearized Korea in favor of “containment,” which in effect means renewed engagement. Being Kim Jong-Il
  • The CCR (Consumer Confidence Report) a.k.a. the "glossy brochure" is a highly regulated document we are required to produce on an annual basis by the EPA. Atrazine update (Jack Bog's Blog)
  • Jung wrote an essay called "Wotan" and in it, he tried to understand developments under Hitler, in terms of the mythology of the god Odin, a.k.a. the Germanic god Wotan. The Existentialist Cowboy
  • As a result, many of us have thousands of old, unneeded files -- a.k.a. "cruft" -- cluttering our hard drives. PCWorld
  • Steve and I travel to the bottom of the Americas to board a ship and cross the Drake Passage a.k.a. the Drake Shake, stormiest sea patch in the world to The White Continent, Antarctica. Richard Bangs: Mind Sex with Strangers
  • Not long ago I was wading a local river for smallmouth and mixed in with the day's catch were a bunch of chunky rock bass (a.k.a. redeye, goggle-eye and rock perch). Does Anyone Care About Rock Bass?
  • MotherJones. com around the question: Is organic and local so 2008? in the mid-'80s, an atmospheric physicist named Carl N. Hodges predicted that the key to saving the planet was to make the desert bloom-with a spindly saltwater plant known as salicornia, a.k.a. sea asparagus. MoJo Blogs and Articles
  • However, a service coordinator (a.k.a. orchestrator or choreographer) may want to invoke multiple services in a single transaction (ideally through a specified interaction like WS-AtomicTransactions).
  • Here over thirteen hundred footprints of the plant-eating apatosaurus a.k.a. brontosaurus and the carnivorous three-toed allosaurus, ripple marks, a few clams, a palm frond and some horsetails, fish bones, ooids have all solidified into solid rock. Bird Cloud
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