a priori

  1. derived by logic, without observed facts
  1. based on hypothesis or theory rather than experiment
  2. involving deductive reasoning from a general principle to a necessary effect; not supported by fact
    an a priori judgment
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How To Use a priori In A Sentence

  • By virtue of the fact that analytic judgments are necessarily true, and given Kant's thesis that necessity entails apriority, it follows that all analytic judgments are a priori and that there is no such thing as an analytic a posteriori judgment. Kant's Theory of Judgment
  • [105] Empiricism ” that is, a posteriori investigations, based on actual facts and not a priori deductions from theories, or general laws, did good service before Froebel's time, and will do good service yet, Froebel notwithstanding. Autobiography of Friedrich Froebel
  • a priori, in contradistinction to empirical knowledge, which has its sources a posteriori, that is, in experience. The Critique of Pure Reason
  • ‘The council operates a priority order for gritting roads and footpaths,’ a spokesman said.
  • _a priori_ almost impossible that the inhabitants of Wenus had never heard of Pozzuoli -- would guard me from the jellifying Mash-Glance of the The War of the Wenuses
  • The apodeictical proposition cogitates the assertorical as determined by these very laws of the understanding, consequently as affirming a priori, and in this manner it expresses logical necessity. The Critique of Pure Reason
  • So the stark ontology of the mechanical philosopher is established a priori by appealing to a notion of intelligibility.
  • The social milieu to which her family belonged tended not to regard further education for women as a priority. Times, Sunday Times
  • While most superminis spend the majority of their lives in town travelling at relatively low speeds safety is still a priority for many buyers - after all many find themselves on the school run.
  • As the entire public health care system in Poland is notoriously underfinanced, the rather costly methadone maintenance does not constitute a priority concern.
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